Is buying players on transfer list and selling them for higher prices a good idea?

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    Beginner here.

    There are players on transfer list which their price is a little higher than their value. e.g. 10M valued player priced 12.5M. I think to buy and sell that player for around 20M.

    Is buying a player you don't need just make a little profit a waste of time and is there any chance that player doesn't get sold?

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    Yes it works. I usually sell them double their value. The player will get sold but you dont really know when. There are transfer simulations nearly every 2 hours. You can check at which hours by looking at the transfer list.

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    When does the transfer list get refilled?
    I was saving money to buy a defender but another player bought them first.
    Normally the list gets refilled with a new player around that quality. So the player was 99, and a new one should come at similar quality, but I would like to know when so I can check first.

  • English Moderator

    You should have new players on next transfer cycle.

  • The only downside to doing this is that you will be using up your Boss Coins. If you don't mind spending a Boss Coin per player, then you will definitely profit from buying players on the transfer list and selling them at maximum price.

    Some tips though;

    • Try and find players that have a sale price close to their value to maximise profits.
    • Try and buy players that are 27 and under for a higher chance at selling them.

    I do this in my leagues and profit massively. The only competition you'd have are other managers in your league looking at doing something similar for their teams.