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    Hi there

    It has happened a few times that I was unable to set my line-up and as a consequence, the line-up was set automatically. However, I have noticed that the system systematically ignores my best players, which were not originally in my team. This, in turn, often leads to me losing a game, due to me not playing my best possible line-up. (e.g. best attacker at 80 not playing, while the attacker at 59 that was originally in my team had to lead the attack). Is there any way to overcome this, or could the developers correct this in any way?

  • If you make your line up and don't change it for a few days, it will stay the same (unless red card or injury, only that player would be changed automatically).

    But if you empty your line up and don't fill it up again before the game then your assistant takes over and he will always make bad choices.

    It wouldn't be logic that the assistant coach makes as good choices as the head coach. You just have to make your line up everyday to be sure to have the best players on the right positions.