So, what is the purpose of timer?

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    Hello there,

    I have been playing this game for a long time, even if I take a break from time to time. But from my point of view, I have met the most absurd reality in the world today. In my opinion, many players are not even aware of this. The timer put in the game does nothing.

    I trusted the timer and held my secret training right until the last second and used it in the last seconds. So what happened next? The opponent saw this and although it wrote "match in play" he also used secret training. So what happened? All the tactical changes he made were valid. If there is such a situation, can I ask what the timer does?

    Shouldn't all changes made until the game be over after the timer expires? I think this absurd error needs to be fixed. Or no one should take into account the staple called that timer.