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    @SpecialOne i use Samsung galaxy j7 i got uptade but i cant share my lineup with my friends. whats the problem?

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    "Great" update to make Train Instantly more expensive. You're punishing players that have BC, regardless if they spent money on them or if they watched ads.
    Great way to GameBasics to either make users buy more BC or to make the watch more ads.
    Maybe next time, try fixing other problems of the game that have been frequently asked.

  • @daniel-chase_1 I believe you also noticed that the decrease of the price after 1h is way higher than it uses to be 👍

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    @SpecialOne I did. Just as I noticed that the price to Train Instantly in the last hour is 4 BC, instead of 2. This is important if you want to finish training before a game, for example.

    Before the price would decrease by 2 BC for each hour.
    Now maybe it decreases more in the first hour, but for other hours is not a constant decrease.

    I think this penalizes someone who watches ads daily in order to amass coins and be able to spend them on training players instantly, right after starting a new training session.

    If the point it to take away power from people who create an "unfair" advantage by buying a lot of coins and people who don't, it is a failed strategy.
    You are also penalizing active users that watch your ads frequently every day, not only users who spend money.

  • ALL posts that have nothing to do with updates have been removed.

    A few users got a message today about them taking part on a league where OSM terms were being broken.

    All managers that for some reason came to attention of staff that are taking part of leagues/competitions were Point 8

    1. Collaboration between managers in all leagues is prohibited at OSM. This includes the fixing of matches and the use of the transfers system to give one club an unfair advantage over another. Factors which will be considered such include, but are not be limited to: deliberately poor team line-ups; players deliberately lined up in the wrong positions; managers joining a league and then resigning after a few days with the deliberate intention of colluding with another manager; the specific use of Training Camps to affect or alter Results in order to gain an unfair advantage or to protect another manager
      is being broken get this message as an alert and they are asked to resign.

    After been warned it's up to them to decide what to do. If they insist harsher measures will be taken!

  • Where is the right topic to talk about this topic?

  • @wallace-elil said in Game Updates:

    Where is the right topic to talk about this topic?

    There's nothing to discuss about this. Like everything in life, OSM has rules and if you want to play OSM, you've to follow them. If you don't follow them, you suffer the consequences.

  • We've just set live an Update for Web Version!

    Something that a lot of you requested for several times, that it was a major disadvantage when compared with App users 😉


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    @SpecialOne Thanks so much!!

  • @SpecialOne Will they work on closed browser or it has to be opened?

  • @Ochowiak if you have enabled them and you have closed your browser you will receive them through the Notification Center of your system. When you are ingame you will see them in the browser itself 🙂

  • @jurgenw87 Fantastic, that sounds really great! Thanks for that update 👏

  • New iOS Update available on Store!

    • Version 4.6.11
      This version includes a renewed and cool Invite Friends section, take a look and invite your friends to play OSM. You can earn 50 BCs for every new sign up until a maximum of 10 new managers


  • @jurgenw87 Not working. Didn't receive a single notification on my windows' taskbar nor a pop-up on my browser. I have the "Automatic notifications" in Profile selected since it appeared...
    Also I still don't have notifications on my mobile device, even though I've tried most if not all of the suggestions...

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    I've done the update 4.6.11 on my Iphone and nothing is working anymore i cant open the OSM app, when i open the app he directly shut it down.

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    @AlyssaGB I liked this update when anounced by OSM. But this feature has been removed from some of leagues (for example: Japan First Division) during we're still playing before end of leauge. That's so bad.

    Although I am so busy nowadays, I'm playing with only one slot for just Winners Cup in Japan First Division. And more: I am at 1. at the league table for a long time. I can't see Winners Cup logo near of the first and second on the league table. So, I started this league for Winners Cup but that's looking like "Winners Cup is removed during we contunie playing game." I think, that's big injustice.

    Will you send the managers (who are playing for Winners Cup and the rules are changed during the league) to Winners Cup?

    Can you help me? I'am playing this game since 2008. I encouraged dozens of my friends to play this game. If I can't earn my Winners Cup ticket beacuse of this change, I will not play OSM anymore because it will be big injustice. Have a good day.


  • @ferhathanci Hi mate,

    What I do know is that to qualify for the Winners Cup you have to play in these leagues: Spain, England, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, The Netherlands and Turkey.

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    @Lirind Hello mate,

    Thanks for answer.

    For today, you are right. I know.

    But when I started to play this First Division Japan league, there was Winner Cup feature in Japan First Division League and I saw Winners Cup logos near of 1. and 2. on the league table. A few days later, these logos were disappeared on the leauge. It's changed after started. And I have started this leauge just for Winners Cup feature. I tried to explain that. That's what I mean about injustice.

  • @ferhathanci it may have been a visual bug when the Winners Cup was implemented, where some leagues had the Winners Cup icon. There is no Winners Cup ticket for the Japanese league (in dutch version).

    Screenshot_20200716-144308_Samsung Internet.jpg

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    @Lirind said in Game Updates:

    t may have been a visual bug when the Winners Cup was implemented, where some leagues had the Winners Cup icon. There is no Winners Cup ticket for the Japanese league (in dutch version).

    I think, this icon was removed from some of leagues later. Because I know, I saw this icon while I was starting this league. I started this league about 20th of June and still playing. Only change is this icon was removed while I was playing. I think that is clear. I wish I took some photos with icon when the league was started. Bu I couldn't guess that could be occur. But I think, there are so many players have same problem. I still think, that is injustice. If there was a bug, that's a big bug. Still injustice for me.