• Portuguese Users

    So, I wandering how many coins per season one could use to be as much competitive as you could but not running out of coins.

    I'm now calculating this for myself, but has anyone done these calculations?

    Because right now , my estimate points to 100-120 in transfers + 10-40 on training camps/secret training which totals about 110-160 coins.

    You can get on average like 2 coins per day which will help but you'd still need to get between 4000 to 6500 points every season to support this.

    Should I lower my transfers or training camps to be as much competitive as possible? Does that mean to use my full potential I would need to buy coins or is there something I'm missing here?

    Thank you in advance,

  • English Users

    i am in no way an expert but i manage to farm coins by playing in 3 of my slots with the sole purpose of generating BC so no transfer from outside only manager transfer and play with lower team easier to reach target i earn about 40 BC per slot (average) actual will vary. on my main slot i use TC carefully, Use Ads for Players. Also u should get 4 BC per Day. After 3 years u will get 8k BC and don't know what to do