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    You can set a signature that fits on one of the following options.

    • Option A
      Signature with a 1 text line and an image with max 100 pixels height (no limit to width, since if it't too big, forum will reduce it automatically)

    Albino Costa - Game Manager

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    Albino Costa - Game Manager
    Crew The Force

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    Albino Costa - Game Manager
    Crew The Force
    "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." --- Winston Churchill

    Note: These are maximum limits, you can set a signature that has less lines and smaller images!

  • -I suspect someone is cheating, how can I be sure?

    We often get questions about what's considered cheating and what's not. Managers reporting users just because they managed to build a really good squad, because they beat them while their squad is better or even report managers because they don't lose a match.

    As you can imagine this creates an huge delay and unnecessary workload having to check all those reports.

    So... Let's try to reduce this, by explaining when managers are breaking OSM Terms and when they should be reported.

    There are mainly 3 situations where it's easy for users to spot when a manager is breaking OSM Terms:

    Illegal transfers To be reported under Illegal Transfers

    • Doing transfers between 2 or more teams (managed by humans) where one of them is clearly the benefited with those transfers
      • Buying weak players that don't improve your squad by huge amounts without a clear reason for it (don't have enough players to line due to injuries or suspension)
      • Buying strong players that will improve your squad by really low values without having a clear benefit to seller

    Collusion To be reported under Multi Accounts

    • A single user controlling several teams or a group of users playing as a group to 'assure' that a specific team will win the league by setting losing tactics, weak line ups, players on wrong positions and/or play with strongest line up and camping their rivals

    Offensive language To be reported under Multi Accounts

    • Offensive names, league names, profiles, insults via PMs, Crew Names.....etc

    Important NOTE: All reports should include a clear description of what you're reporting and evidences added (if necessary, upload screenshots to an image hosting site and add the links on report)