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                                                      Welcome to OSM: The sports bar!

    Welcome to the sports bar everyone, if you feel like having a conversation or simply chatting on non related OSM matters you have come to the right place…

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                                                         FORUM GUIDELINES

    These are the general guidelines for our forum. Please try to follow them at all times!

    ⚠ Inappropriate language, abuse, profanity, discrimination, spamming and flaming are not what we're looking for on this forum. The same goes for public criticism that's not constructive of the work and/or judgements of OSM moderators, staff and game owners.
    ⚠ Posting 'case closed' or similar will be regarded as spamming.
    ⚠ Please, do not promote competitors' websites.
    ⚠ Try to limit the of use capital letters or excessive exclamation marks when posting.
    ⚠ Try to limit your use of smileys.

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                                                        HOW TO USE THIS FORUM

    ⚠ Make sure your posts are in ENGLISH (local language).
    ⚠ Please do not open comparisons topics, as the novelty soon wears off and they do not promote any real discussion.
    ⚠ Before you create a topic, check the forum (by using the Search facility) to confirm that no similar topics already exist, otherwise your 'new' topic has to be closed.