• German Users

    Hi Community,

    i want to dig deeper into the functionality of friendly matches. Of course, we all know, friendly matches can improve your players.

    But how does that exactly work? Which players will improve? Is there any logic? Depending on strength? Depending on position?

    Does any one has first input for this topic?

    My obversation was that mostly the most strength players on the pitch get a plus in skill. But that theory does not work all time. So there is something more we dont know yet.

    Anyone some ideas?

  • English Users

    I have assumed that best performing players will get the progress. In my offensive wing play formations that means that usually attackers and best midfielders on the sides will get the progress. Sadly I usually have only 1 young player from each role and most of the progress given by friendly matches will be thus given to very old players who only get 2% bonus.