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    Hello everybody

    OSM indicates that it is recommended to have a balanced team regarding age to have a good performance.

    I have the followind doubt:

    • Having a team with many veterans and young players, so the average age is medium would be a valid strategy or would be needed to have players for the 3 ranges? (<=24;>24 & <30; >30)

    Thanks, regards

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    I'm using a whole young squad and two veterans as a rolling captain 😝 and everything seems fine.

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    Unless you use friendlies to boost your team, you can only improve players by training. And for training you only need 1 very young player per role, max 2 (if you want to constantly rotate so that other one is in starting roster when other one is training).

    So there isn't really need for having more young players. Old players are cheaper to buy, you get more stats for money spent, so it is efficient to have old players outside of your training targets.

    As far as I know, there isn't actual performance deficit in having young squad as long as you have one veteran player as captain. But it is more efficient to have also those older, cheaper, players. You still can't train every player in your roster, so there is no point on building full youngster lineups.