• Can someone suggest some players who would always be good captains or the game does not work like this. İf it is like this it would be better if you also name best corner and freekick takers. Thanks in advance.

  • English Users

    Captain should be your best player (though I don't think it matters). Pick the best-attacking player (including a midfielder with High Att) to take pens and f-kicks. For corners, I don't think it matters but I personally don't pick a CF (High att low def), and If I know a player who takes corners in real life I pick him. I hope it answers your question.

  • Portuguese Users

    I think you have to set as captain a player who is old enough (like 28-34 years old) and the best in his position in squad. In my case, I set as my captain Sergio Ramos, I know he´s a captain in real life, but he matches with the features above: Experient and a good overall (101 def).