Tatic to counter 4-3-3 B (Play to wings)

  • what is the best way to defeat (defeat = not lose) 4-3-3 B? I know probably someone already asked that and someone already answered, but i didn't seen.
    Obs: he's team is much better than my. (Ok, not sooo much better, but he's middlefield , attack and defense is 83-93, while my is 73-85)

    • Attack: Support middlefield or Only attack?
    • Middlefield: Stay in position or support the defense?
    • Counter attack or Long Ball?

    i apreciate if anyone can help me

    (since now i apologize for my awful english hahaha )

  • Community Manager

    Please, go to :arrow_forward: Tactics requests, buddy. You don't need to open for every your question a new topic :smirk:.

  • English Moderator

    This is clear, please only use that topic for your tactic requsts.

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