FA Cup 16/17

  • Everybody please welcome! The Oldest national football competition in the world :clap: :clap: :clap:
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    Significant focus is given to those "minnows" (smaller teams) who progress furthest, especially if they achieve an unlikely "giant-killing" victory.

    FA Cup 16/17 is currently playing in the Third Round Proper, A total of 64 clubs play in the third round; 20 winners of the second round, and 44 teams from Premier League and EFL Championship entering in this round. The round includes one team from Level 7 still in the competition, Stourbridge, who are the lowest-ranked team in this round.

    But i hope, the winner of FA Cup 16/17 is the defending champions of The FA Cup 15/16 :smiley:
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  • What a performance from Plymouth Argyle
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    the Giant-killer on this round is
    Millwall from League One who beat AFC Bounemouth

    and this is the end of Dream from Stourbridge
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  • Good game Millwall
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    6 Premier League sides go out of the The Emirates FA Cup West Ham United, Swansea City, AFC Bournemouth, West Bromwich Albion, Everton and Stoke City

  • 9 Match on Third Round go to replay match, include 5 Premier League members [Burnley, Sunderland, Crystal Palace, Southampton, Liverpool]
    The matches are scheduled to be played at 17–19 January 2017

    I hope more Premier League members go out of the competition :laughing:

  • Lincoln beaten Ipswich in the replay :thumbsup_tone2: Maybe not a really entertaining match, but great end on the match when the only goal came on overtime, and stadium sold out. :ok_hand_tone2:

  • Really hope Plymouth will knock out Liverpool from the cup.

  • @RödVitt yes mate, it's amazing counterstrike & great finish from Nathan Arnold :ok_hand: :thumbsup:
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  • @The-Beautiful-One yes mate, me too. But its'nt gonna happen :angry: :laughing:

  • This is a total 32 winners of the Third Round. The matches are scheduled to be played across the weekend of 27–29 January 2017. The round includes two teams from Level 5 who are still in the competition. Lincoln City and Sutton United.
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  • TONIGHT !!!
    Championship Division Member vs Premier League Last Winner

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  • @I-Love-Niken The Leicester is better, in my opinion it will be 2-0 :nerd:

  • @Levi-Rios Leicester was better but need more luck for this game :smile: bad decission from Clattenburg, at before end of game it must be Pinalty for Derby :angry:
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  • Next Match
    I hope more "giant-killing" tonight :laughing: your predictions?
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  • @I-Love-Niken

    • Tottenham
    • Chelsea
    • Arsenal
    • Man City

    Easy win :)

  • @I-Love-Niken Did you see the first goal? :laughing:

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    See you next year Liverpool :smiley:
    Look the ball possesion :o
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    1. It's very difficult win for Tottenham, a winning goal at 90+7 :laughing:
    2. You right @Chelsea, Arsenal & Man City :ok_hand: :smiley:

  • @Levi-Rios hm he forget to score in the right side, but he can save the career at **Derby County ** with "second goal" :laughing:

    Liverpool, Crystal Palace & Southampton go out of the Tournament :smile:

  • Next Match
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    A total of the 16 winners of the fourth round play in this round. The draw for the Fifth Round Proper is scheduled for 30 January 2017. The 16 ball numbers are:
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  • Watch the match that the Man City won the Crystal Palace. City played with intelligence, touched the ball and left the opponent without many options. When the Palace threatened to grow in the match, David Silva gave a nice assist to Sané to make the second goal and practically guarantee the classification. City slowed down further and started playing on the counterattack to secure the win. It was a good performance :clap:

  • @Levi-Rios yes you're right mate, City have more fast players and had a lot of smart players. Good game & result from Manchester Blue :clap: and I Hope no big match at Fifth Round :smile:


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