Players who take penalties picked by the players?

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    This evening I lost a cup game because one of my players missed a penalty.
    I would never let that player take a penalty if I could pick the players myself.

    Is there any possibility when you are playing a cup game you can select the players who can take a penalty if the score is still equal after 120 minutes by yourself instead of randomly by the computer?
    That would be great in my opinion.

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    @pluisje557_NL Hi mate, dont worry about who takes the penalty, it is not in our hands it's in the game engine. My penalty taker is always a forward who has the highest attack. In one match he may score but in the next he may not. Its like in reality, a player may score or may not. Never listen to tht pundit. My penalty taker has always been rashford or greenwood( or someone else if i dont have one of them). They have failed me but i always use them and i have seen tht it doesn't matter if they miss in one match becoz they always score in another. Just keep faith in your midfielder or your forward( whoever u use for penalty). Its ok tht your player missed in this match. REMEMBER: its like in real life, he may score or he may not. Keep faith( especially if its a forward with the highest attack and if he is your favourite).✌✌ cheers.😊

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