Players have hidden stats and like specific tactics.

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    Hi everyone I want to know have any of you discovered that some players perform better with some tactics like sterling,mbappe,ödegaard play best with wing play. After the match, commentator says x player seems to like y tactic. Same player performs different in two teams which use different tactics. I think these hidden sfuff is there and no way to know all of it we should just need to go there and try\learn. For example kimmich should always do the corner kick he is the best. Some players are always succesfull with freekicks. I say lets share our secret information about players in this post and build our team better next time. I start with carlos vela, mbappe, sterling, odegaard and grimaldo always play well while using wing play.

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    Oh, it's true, I play with goodness all the time, it's better and once it's bad

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    The Football Manager player attributes describes a player’s characteristics and skills. You can say a specific set of attributes describes a player’s competency within a specific situation, whether it’s shooting the ball with accuracy, running with the ball and dribbling or mental traits, or their overall quality on a stand-alone basis.
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