Tottenham Is Coming Back!!

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    Tottenham is coming back in the premiership!

    3-0 against Leicester City

    3-1 against Newcastle

    2-1 against Arsenal ( North London Derby )

    Tell me if you think Tottenham still has a chance!

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    Yes, Tottenham is an important team that I love in the Premier League. I think he still has a chance

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    @eddiesolomon a chance at what??

    They can't go any higher than 6th spot, they could lose that spot to Wolves, Sheffield or Arsenal, if they lose their last match and the other teams win them all.

    To get into Europa Tottenham have to hope that Chelsea beat Arsenal in the FA cup finals.

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    @Michael9989 haha wow arsenal? stupid they don't have a chance

    " North London Derby "

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    @eddiesolomon Well, it looks like Arsenal won...what is more important in a North London Derby, that you are higher up in the table or winning a trophy in a season?

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    @Michael9989 k whatever

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    @eddiesolomon wow u guys😂😂😂. If u ask me: i am gonna say good and bad about both. Honestly i love both clubs becoz they play good football (unless u have a match against Manchester). Let's start: The way Jose and staff and team celebrated after coming 6th is as if they won a trophy. Even the pundits were like,'why are they celebrating like tht? They are a top club and here they are celebrating as if they won something. Compare tht to United who just smiled becoz they know tht it is not over yet'. I have love hate feelings towards Jose. About Arsenal, i have to admit tht they are our rivals due to the fact tht it was only Manchester United ,Arsenal and Chelsea who were the main rivals and still are(even though its not for the cup😂😂). I like wht Mikel Arteta has done and how he got them till the end and won. Tbh both teams are equal in terms of situations and morale and strength. I personally feel tht both teams have equal chance of beating each other in a match becoz both if them have only one or 2 star players. Both teams are now coming out of a bad time and i feel tht they will be a force to reckon with in the new season BUT if Jose does wht he did with Chelsea or Manchester United then I am sorry to say tht Tottenham is ducked like hell.

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