• The number of international events is increasing within the OSM. Individual tournaments and crews, open to all countries but with no space to be publicized, organized and controlled.

    Below are examples of such events:

    Among others I do not remember at the moment.

    These events are no longer released to be posted on the OSM: The Game forum. In addition, these events usually require a number of topics for each phase and generate many threads.

    I do not know the feasibility, but my suggestion is to create a separate forum only for these events and others that may arise. Thus, the OSM forum: The Game would be more "clean" and effective threads of its purpose and we would have a centralized place to control all events coming from the game.

    Like this: 👇


    I hope that the topic is not deleted and would like to know the opinion of all for the suggestion.


  • Community Manager

    @Adilmo-Rocha It will be good to know about terms all of them events :thumbsup_tone1:.

  • I would like to ask you to leave these decisions to those in charge of forum management.

    We're aware of it and we're studying a way to solve this.

    I can let you all know in advance that the initial approach won't be a new category, because if you look close to all those topics, you won't see there any discussion at all. Majority of topics are 'dead' and only have a screenshot with results once in a while...

    This is not the kind of topics we want to have on our forums!