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    Dear managers,

    After many, many years @blob59 has quitted his role as OSM League Manager. We are extremely thankful for all his years of keeping the OSM leagues up-to-date for all our users. In the meantime, we have worked on a new system for the league updates.

    We classify two types of leagues:

    1. National leagues: at the time of writing we have around 130 active national Leagues in OSM. From now on, every one of these leagues will be updated at least once a week. In busier periods (e.g. real-life transfer windows) we will try to increase the frequency to two times a week. Updates will usually take place on Tuesdays or Fridays. This could be subject to change.

    2. Other leagues: at the time of writing we have around 25 active ‘non-national’ Leagues or Tournaments in OSM. Those Leagues of Tournaments will be updated on a periodical basis. Some Leagues/Tournaments will barely be updated given the nature of the league (e.g. Club History A or World 1998). Other Leagues/Tournaments will be updated more frequently (e.g. Champions Cup or Euro Subs Cup).

    League updates include transfers, players added to squads from youth teams, player market value re-evaluations and adjustments to team goals. By increasing the update frequency we try to make OSM as up-to-date as possible. However, as a league moderator be aware that team goals might change more often. Check the most recent update at League Overview when setting a new season.

    We strive to a high quality of content in OSM. As a member of the OSM Community, you could contribute to this as well via this topic.

    What can be reported in this topic:

    • Obvious mistakes with regards to teams or players. One could think of players with incorrect birth dates / nationalities / positions.

    Always include a link to a reputable website, such as Transfermarkt.com, to support your request for change.

    What should not be reported in this topic:

    • Missing transfers that occurred less than a week ago
    • Requests for changing player ratings unless there is clear evidence to suggest the information we have is clearly wrong.

    To keep the topic length down, your posts (including our responses) can be deleted once in a while.

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    League updated
    The Special Germany league is up to date again. The transfers from last summer have all been updated.

    You can find this league at the Special Leagues tab. Goodluck!

  • And.....

    442 League is live and updated

    NOTE: keep in mind that goals and squads don't match reality. It's OSM reality 😉


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    @IvanAndal said in League Updates:

    @De-drie-musketiers_NL said in League Updates:

    @IvanAndal said in League Updates:

    Why has Balkan League been removed from the game ? It was surely the favorite league for managers from 8 or more countries in the Balkans.
    I hope it was removed just to be updated with realistic clubs. If it was removed permanently i will be hugely dissapointed 😕
    I will wait for an answer on this issue.

    @IvanAndal @Ado-Hackovic It was indeed removed. We will reactivate the league soon with new updated teams. #BringtheBalkanLeagueback 😉

    Great news @De-drie-musketiers_NL , thank you. Is there maybe an approximate date of return ? We have been planing to start a new league in a week or soo when we noticed it missing. If it is coming back soon, we would wait for it 🙂 If there is no return date yet, we will choose another league for now.
    Btw. If our, managers from balkan community, input matters in this issue, we would love this league to have 20/24 teams and one winners cup place (since all the balkan leagues have at least one UCL spot).
    Also, if we can help in any way by providing precise information on the teams from this area we stand at your disposal, feel free to contact us regarding this matter 🙂

    The Balkan League is live again! 🙂

  • Turkish Users

    Hi.Niki Maenpaa finnish goalkeeper has joined to Stoke City and also Northern Ireland goalkeeper Lee Camp has joined to Coventry City yesterday.Could you add them?

    Here is the transfermarkt link of Niki Maenpaa: https://www.transfermarkt.com.tr/niki-maenpaa/profil/spieler/12359 and here is the link of Lee Camp: