Handball WC 2017 - France

  • If anyone is watching? ;)
    Young Polish team lost against Norway yesterday 20-22.
    There are completely new people in polish team. Many experienced players resigned after Olympic Games (Karol Bielecki, Sławomir Szmal, Krzysztof Lijewski, Bartosz Jurecki or Adam Wiśniewski) another ones are eliminated by injuries (Kamil Syprzak, Piotr Wyszomirski, Michał Jurecki or Mariusz Jurkiewicz). So everyone here in Poland are concered abpout this World Championships.

    What about your teams? What do expect? I think that France which is host of the tournament will win all competition. Game against Brazil was pure show of their power :muscle_tone4:

  • alt metni

  • Always watching, always hoping Croatia could win something again.. but sadly, Duvnjak and Strlek cannot do everything alone. We as well have some new younger players here on this competition, but I believe quarter finals should be reached minimum. Today first test is Saudi Arabia, should be easy match. Come on Croatia! :D

  • Polish Moderator

    @Michal_ACM You've right. I haven't watched last match, but I will watch next one. Only three players from last championship was call up. Sadly I must say that they go there for gain some experience. 2nd round is max for that team.

  • @ToomAnyWays Yes, I think top 4 in our group and advance to 1/8 of final is all we can do...

    @Majstor-Matt It is nice to start with some exotic rival. This is a good warm-up. :D

  • Croatia alt text 28 v 23 alt text Saudi Arabia

    Poor performance from Croatia, really I didnt think they could be so bad. Luckily tomorrow will be better against Hungary. Germany won against Hungary, and Chile made sensation and won over Belarus in this group as well.

  • And Egipt won against Qatar. Qatar was 2nd in last WC. I wonder if that was for serious or that was a team created only for 2 tournament - World Champioships 2015 in Qatar and Olympic Games in 2016? :D

  • I love handball :) .. where is Italy? :(

    Egypt seems to be strong :c

  • @Michal_ACM I read somewhere that only 4 foreign players are left in the team, so they surelly are nowhere near as strong as they were on those 2 tournaments :D

  • @Majstor-Matt haha, this is sick! :D

    Poland :flag_pl: 24
    Brazil :flag_br: 28

    I have not seen this match but result is awful! No chances for advance to the 2nd round I think... ;(

  • Croatia alt text 31 v 28 alt text Hungary

    Better performance today, but still not without mistakes.. when it comes to games against germany, Spain, France, Denmark and other big teams these mistakes will cost us Im afraid :( Bu oh well, hope dies last! Lets go, Croatia! :D

  • @Majstor-Matt Congrats mate. Hungary are also not bad team so this is a valuable win for you!

  • @Pasquale-Losito Italian who loves handball? :o Why your country not try to be good in such beautiful team sport like handball? :p You have great football team, great volleyball team and not bad basketball team (I remember silver medal at olympic games at 2004)...

  • Best goal of the tournament so far? :D

  • @Michal_ACM I don't know,mate .. so sad. I play handball and I love it even if I am not good at all ahah
    @Majstor-Matt wow .. wow. o_o

  • @Pasquale-Losito I was also used to play. 10 years ago after silver medal for Poland in World Championships 2007. That was great boom for handball in Poland after that succes and it still lasts ;) But my "career" was soooo short! hah :D

  • @Michal_ACM ahaha
    Why do you think that France will win?

  • @Pasquale-Losito They are hugely motivated after loss in the Olympic final against Denmark. They will do everything to win this trophy in their home. ;)

  • France :flag_fr: 26 - 25 :flag_pl: Poland

    I am in shock! That was so close to make a huge surprise! Poland after terrible tournament almost draw with great France! Maybe there is some bright future for this new and young polish team. Ecpecially when all injured players will come back. ;)

  • Macedonia vs Iceland was an absolute disgrace.

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