• Hi 👍 new player here, I started osm previous week, I'm enjoying so far, but I search for tips and tactics online and there is only dead forums talking about this game. I want to ask if anyone here knows where I can get recent tips, since the game is constantly changing.. Also I want to know if it's usual for the game to give double the boss coins on the weekends, like it was this weekend.. Thank you 👍

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    @kisangoli57 Hello! I am by no means qualified to talk about tactics, but I would like to share mine that i've used since getting the game last year. Some of my tactics have been 3-4-3 A with wing play, high aggresion, and have the midfielders hold their position. Another one of mine, is 4-4-2 B (4-1-2-1-2 Narrow) with passing play, and again, high pressing play and midfielders who hold their positions. Ultimately, there is no "perfect" tactic, but I would strongly advise to not change your tactics every game. Just try out new things and see what works!

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    @kisangoli57 I'm as well not a pro nor anything like that, but I think that you should try to improve your team at small steps, buying young players and training them.
    Slow for the Win!

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