Will international clubs buy your players for max money regularly now?

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    Hi, I have played this game for a good few years now, and up until recently i didn't used to see players being sold for a lot more than double their value, especially by OSM themselves when an international team buys your player.

    The last 2 leagues i have been part of though i have noticed 2 different team that by the end of the season their teams were worth nearly 1.2billions.

    I noticed with the teams as well that throughout the whole league they were constantly selling big name players for the max amount that it wouldn’t allow them and when i look at the recent transfers so where being sold pretty regularly as well to international teams for amounts like 50 - 80 million, each time was the max amount the slider would let you sell.

    I just always thought OSM didn't allow sales to international that high so regularly?

    I must admit i have tried adding one of my higher rated players at max to try and join in the fun but after a whole week he was still listed, so wasn't sure if i am missing something?



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    Yes, I always list players at maximum price and clubs (especially those managed by computer in different leagues) buy the player. However, if you list a player who is too expensive especially highly rated players take time to be sold.