• Hi everyone!

    Does anyone know how the AI works regarding the transfers system, mainly in transfers events?
    I'm in a league with full trainers, and I have the top squad of the league (950M vs 677M in 2nd place), but on this weekend event I managed to sell only TWO players on the same time that others sold like 2/3 players each window.

    I was selling players with 97,99 and 100 overall, all above 30 years old but with a value of something like 1.7x player price.

    Is there a "magical formula" to apply an optimum price that allow me boost the trades?

    Thank you!

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    Many people say that when a league is full of managers, the transfer worker doesn't buy much players.

  • @hugosoares88
    Dont know exactly what is the margin for AI to buy players, but I rarelly see any player rated over 99 to be sold to non human teams. So I believe that was your main problem, your players were too good to be bought by AI.

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    @hugosoares88 I had a league where I sold 1 player in 9 days man, 9 days can u imagine, beside that everybody in that league sold players every 2 hours worth of 10 mil to 60 so tell me where is the logic ??? I had problems selling players in transfer madness event aswell selling 1 player per sim meanwhile everybody was selling 2,3,4

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    @cscrajin most players under 85 or 70 could be sold much easier than 86 to 99. The tips is you buy many players with low price and sell it max prices and it is the fastest way to make income. Dont expect to sell players like max 30 or 40 or 50 mil that wont be sold fast. but try players with max value of 10,15,20 mil or even lower.

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    Yeah, true. And much more quicker is selling a 50 rated player😂😜

  • Was there a reduction of transfer periods during the day lately? On 2 of my slots where I started lately and where transfer are going at random times (brilliant update, just brilliant -_- ) I noticed that on both I had only 7 transfer times, instead of 8... coincidence or?