Either a lot of cheates either the game gone to a wrong dirrection

  • Hi all,
    First of all I wanna thank you for the possibility of playing for free this game in the last 9 to 10 years and try to challenge myself to do my best as a coach of different teams and to achive the goals that I had for that teams.
    Also, even if I can't afford to contribute to the development of this game I was a player that was almost each day on your site and help your visibility on the online games.
    Until the last year from my point of view you did a great job and both us, the players and you - the game developers were pretty satisfied (at least I think that also you were satisfied with the number of the players involved in the game). This was my positive feedback for you that cannot
    be applied in the last moment so enjoy it :).

    Now will came the negative feedback and for the development of the game I hope that you will take it in a constructive way. I will also explain my reasons :).
    So, in my last seasons and especially in my LAST season there are a lot of things that makes the game to be a fake one and a frustrating one instead of being more close to reality BECAUSE we had a player in the league that was insane :): he played with the team Sunderland in England he had almost all the players with skills 100+ and he wins almost everything. Came on ...
    I don't know if he contributes with money or if he access the functionality to group with different players but he sold all his players with insane prices (actual value 13 millions - sold with 40 millions - 250% value, wtf???!!!) and he buy a lot of players with skills higher than 100+. And most of us know that behind all this game results is an algorithm with is calculated also on player skills :).
    If you try to compete with such a player you won't stand a chance because this is a virtual game which simulates a result based on some certain values.

    As I said I don't know why all this things happen, if is your decision to implement some new features or if the number of cheaters increased BUT the user experience is very, very low in this moment.

    And by the way why you don't limit the maximum value to 100? Is very unrealistic to have certain players having 31 to 34 years that start the game with 90-92 and can increase to 110 for total skill value .... in real life, in football the best age is 27 to 30 after that you will decrease because of the age.

    So, I don't know if you will do something, if my opinion will be consider or if I will receive an answer from you but after 9 to 10 years as an very active player I think I have a right to say what I think about the game :).
    Also please consider that I have 10 years experience in IT industry as a test lead / test manager and this is the game that I start to play when I got my first job and that is why I can have some realistic ideas in the IT field and also why I care for this game.

    BUT, also, I can say that I won't play anymore this game is it became more and more unrealistic.

    Kind regards and best of luck and hope that you will have the guts to answer this message1

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  • Actually, that is the sence of the game, to sell your player at the highest price you can and buy a better one then...

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    @Alexander6666 Actually, if you do that you'll never sell him because it will take two light years for a computer team to buy him.

  • @ramfjord
    It takes max 3-4 days if you sell him for under 30 millions...

  • Guys I know how to do a bussiness in this game (how to sell at best prices my players).
    My concern is that there are some certain mangers that sell their players which value 10-15 millions for amounts of 35-45 millions doing that several times a day ONLY to a few squads.
    If I will do the same to put on transfer list a player for 35-45 (and his real value is 10-15) there is a big possibility that I won't sell it during an entire season.
    In my last played championship the manager of the team Sunderland (which had as target 16th place!!) sold all his players with huge amounts only to 3-4 teams (always the same teams) and bought the best players (having skills around or above 100+) from the transfer list.
    By the middle of the championship he had on Sunderland only 100+ skilled players both on starting line and as substitutes. How can you play against such a manager???
    He won by far the championship with 33 or 34 victories and no defeats and 140+ goals.

    What are we talking about here???!!! With Sunderland ...

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    I completely understand your point. In the last leagues I've played, there's always a guy who buys players in the transfer list just to sell them again at 250% their original price. That makes the guy earn ridiculous amounts of money in a few days (cus we all now, no matter how expensive you sell your players, eventually a computer will buy it) and finishes with an insane roster.
    The same way as you, I just think that these makes the game to drive off of reality, instead of pursuing for it.

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    Some may say it's fair and they're not cheating, but isn't the point of the game to be the most possibly realistic representation of football ? In real life no one would buy a player at such overvalued prices, and even more, FIFA doesn't allows a player to be registered in more than 2 teams in the same campaign.
    So, in case someone really would do something to fix this, those would be my two suggestions: Avoid PC of buying such overpriced players, and forbid selling a players once they have already been bought\transferred .

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