LEAGUES: Need one or Managers to join yours?

  • Hi managers,

    • Do you like to play in active leagues?
    • Do you like the thrill of playing against human managers instead of the boredness of playing against CPU teams

    Then you came to the right place!

    • If you're searching for a specific league, check the most recent posts and you can find one that suits you, if not, just let community know what you're looking for.

    • It you're looking for active managers to join you, then go ahead, let them know where you need them at. Provide some info about the league and util information they can use to find you (link to the league will be the easiest way for them to find it)

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    I need best league with many online users can someone invite me there***wll pogba_2

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    Want to join a league in pre season with many trainers, pls here is my nick name: tomasbarros_8

  • League: England 2nd Division
    Name: damśli7 OSM World Tour
    League number: 488755

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    theZedd ENGLISH USERS less than a minute from now

    Hi everyone,

    I've just created a Fantasy 150 with a couple OSM friends (former rivals in previous leagues) and we are currently looking for 7 active managers to join our league and make it one to remember!

    The 3 of us are very active players and always look to finish the competitions we enter. If you enjoy competition and are looking to avoid the boredom of playing bots then come join us 😎

    Here's the name of the league:

    theZedd League
    (Fantasy 150)

    Otherwise just reply you're interested and I'll send you an invitation.

    Looking forward to having some of you joining 👍

    Cheers everyone

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    Note - League will start tonight at 10pm (GMT+1). See you all in there 👍

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    League: Argentina
    League ID: 61284793

    Feel free to join via the link or enter the league ID when you search for a new team:

    This league is in preparation phase, we already have 17 human managers (7 more managers needed for a full league).

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    Slots are open, any new leagues at the weekend in the pipeline ? 📞

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    Hi everyone! I want to introduce you a fantasy league «Nostalgia 2010s»! Start 2 May after 8 PM (20:00 CET).

    1. Abstract
    1. Advanced tools

    📆 Start date: 2 May 2021, 🕖 after 8 PM CET
    🥇 League: Fantasy League 150
    🔒 Private League ✅
    🏋️‍♂️ Training Camps 🚫
    👮‍♂️ Secret Trainings 🚫
    💰 Club Funds compensation 🚫
    💸 Transfers 🚫
    ⚽ Pre-season 🚫 (first round 3-4 May)
    ⏳ Timers 🚫

    1. Rules for building the squad
    • You can choose any team.
    • The squad must be composed of players who have been on the team for one playing year no later than the 17/18 season (for example, season 13/14 or season 16/17).
    • You cannot choose a team that has already been taken by another manager. Currently taken only Arsenal (by me, hehe).
    • To participate in the league, you must send list of the players in dm in the game.
    • There must be at least 20 players in the squad (at least 2 goalkeepers, 4 defenders, 4 midfielders, 3 forwards). For top teams (Barcelona, ​​Real), it is desirable to have more, so that it is possible to keep within 150M if necessary.
    • In the case of a duplication of the players, it will be available to the player who previously approved the squad.
    • The squads will be checked in accordance with the databases (www.transfermarkt.com) and the database of the OSM (fantasy mode).
    1. Optional
    • Friendlies: Allowed
    • Desired team name “Team YEAR / YEAR”, eg “Monaco 17/18”.
    • If you have 19 out of 20 players, then it is permissible to take one player from the past or next season. Only in case there are no other options available.
    • Not all players are in the fantasy league database. There are not many second divisions and small championships. Also, if a player has paused his career or dropped out for a long time due to injury, then he may temporarily disappear from his club.
    • Since there is no licensed Bundesliga in the game with the exception of Bayern Munich, the German teams should be chosen deliberately.
    1. How to fill the squad easily

    On www.transfermarkt.com you should find your team, then choose season and check where players are based right now.

    1. My squad as example

    «Arsenal 13/14»

    Wojciech Szczesny — «Juventus»
    Lukasz Fabianski — «West Ham»

    Laurent Koscielny — «Bordeaux»
    Thomas Vermaelen — «Vissel Kobe»
    Johan Djourou — «Nordsjælland»
    Héctor Bellerín — «Arsenal»
    Carl Jenkinson — «Nottingham Forest»
    Kieran Gibbs — «West Bromwich»
    Ignacio Monreal — «Real Sociedad»

    Francis Coquelin — «Villareal»
    Jack Wilshere — «Bournemouth»
    Santi Cazorla — «Al Sadd»
    Aaron Ramsey — «Juventus»
    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain — «Liverpool»
    Mesut Özil — «Fenerbahçe»

    Alex Iwobi — «Everon»
    Theo Walcott — «Southampton»
    Serge Gnabry — «Bayern»
    Olivier Giroud — «Chelsea»
    Lukas Podolski — «Antalyaspor»

    Feel free to ask any questions (preferably inside the game, not here) 🐸
    In order not to make the message too long, I tried to use spoilers, but they buggy like a ******* ****

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    Start 2 May after 8 PM (20:00 CET). All info a little bit upper
    alt text

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    Hi! I just made a Fantasy League 150 and accidentaly made it private. Im looking for managers to join it and make it competitive💪.


    The league starts in 24 hrs and for now there are 8/10 free spots.

    If you are interested, the league is named "SuperLiga Manta Rosie" or just search my name and join the fantasy league. I will accept the requests asap😉

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    only 2 managers needed to fantasy league, all info in dm
    p.s. i will spam for the last time, sorry 🙏 🙏 🙏

  • @wenger-wise Nice initiative. Sadly dont have the free slot atm. Just one question, how about if someone wants to take Monaco 16/17? Because half of that team is in these other clubs 😄

  • Russian Users

    @majstor-matt generally a good squad is being recruited there, this problem is more typical for psg 17/18 in the current selection, in addition, it is difficult to assemble a squad for Monaco, since Subasic is chilling without club, De Sanctis retired, one more keeper is not in the databae of fantasy (they have very few lower divisions 😭), and the last one has raiting 59 🙂
    i thought someone would choose THIS Monaco, but its hardly

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    @wenger-wise is your league still available for joining?

  • Russian Users

    @aweijie only as a reserve
    but the likelihood of getting into the league in my experience is high
    9th and 10th teams are Chelsea and Sevilla 17/18

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    Hello everyone! I have just created a Fantasy League in OSM. We need 3 trainers more! Anyone would like to join?

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    i am happy to jjoin.
    send me an invite and i will come

  • Hi all. Looking to join a league which starts from now until the night. invite me ingame: babasar


  • Is anyone interested to play Italian Serie A. Without

    • transfers
    • boss coins compesation
    • Instant finishing timer
    • Secret training
    • Training camp
      With cup
      If you are interested, just write me pn on game

    The league starts tonight or tomorrow!