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    wat are crews really about

    1. is it that yur crew mates also have control of yur account and vice versa
    2. wat do u achieve by being a crew member
    3. if u don't want to make yur own crew lets say smth happened can u take over as the leader
    4. can u be the leader of a crew u did not make
    5. additionally , can u give someone else yur account to play
      6 will the moderator find out and if yes hw
      7 lets say i cheat in the game hw will the game knw hw
    6. i hear there is a hacked version of this is it better and also why can't the original not sue them
      u knw the questions might be bulky but pls help am very good at the game and i think this will help me a lot
      God bless👍 👍 👍 👍