How do you guys take squad ratings into consideration?

  • English Users

    When sizing up your next opponent do you focus on the Att/Mid/Def/GK ratings of the entire squad or just their starting 11? For example my squad page says that I have an 87 squad rating, but when I field my B team it drops to 81(by my own calculations).

  • Russian Users

    @thecoach678 squad rating just represents best XI players for current line-up (451/433...) including those who are not at the start XI and even injured, disqualified players. Moreover it is calculated as the average of sum GK+Def+Mid+Att not as the average of sum players skills separately. They can be very different if, for example, the opponent plays with 1 attacker and the skills of his attacker and goalkeeper are much higher than the skills of other players. However, it is possible that the numbers that are shown to us are important in the game engine .