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    Hello my friends,

    "The perception of the unknown is the most fascinating of experiences. The man who does not have his eyes open to the mysterious will pass through life without seeing anything." - Albert Einstein

    We´re back! 😉

    Let me present, our newest idea : Nations Cup U21! 😀

    The competition will have a different format than the Nations Cup 2021, consisting of 2 phases: qualifying and Final. Unlike the Nations Cup 2021, we will have registrations limited to 24 National teams U21.

    In the qualifying phase, we will have a Nation vs Nation system, which will comprise 3 rounds, in groups of 4 teams, distributed by leagues of 8 teams, as shown in the image below.


    As you can see, on the left column, we have the different goals (G1 G3 G5 and G7), and then we have the distribution of each manager from each National team, between League 1, League 2, League 3 and League 4. For example, imagine that Portugal U21 is NT A, the G1 manager will play in League 1, the G3 will play in League 2, the G5 will play in League 3, and the G7 will play in League 4. So with this distribution, there will never be 2 coaches from the same team in the same league, and therefore the terms of the OSM are fully respected, with no "collusion games". And the definition of Nation vs. Nation can be observed, in the way the coaches of the same objective are grouped in the same league, and the teams of the same group, face each other, round after round, until everyone has faced each other. For example, Group A : NT A vs NT B in round 1, NT C vs NT D in round 1, NT A vs NT C in round 2, NT B vs NT D in round 2, and finally NT A vs NT D in round 3, NT B vs NT C in round 3.

    The Final of Nations Cup U21, will have the same format of Nations Cup 2021, but with only 12 National teams, this means that that the top 2 in each group will qualify for the Final. So we will have 4 leagues of 12 teams.

    Nations Cup U21 Regulation, check it here

    As we did, at Nations Cup 2021, we will have several rubrics, to create interactivity, not only among the participants of the competition, but in the community in general. The objective of this competition is to allow young coaches to continue to evolve in a highly competitive environment. And we will have a team to help and support you, just like the National coaches:

    Arthur sansuwanto

    This team, will bring to the community, the updates of the competition and also the stats, always rigorously and always available to remove any doubts or problems that may arise during the competition. So we kindly, ask the official staff, to allow us to open an official topic, for this competition, here in the Crews Forum, and we are committed to keeping the Nations Cup brand rich and attractive for everyone! We are ready, to do a Q&A session to clarify any doubts. Therefore, we ask that you evaluate this proposal, and we are available, for any necessary clarification :

    De Xrist

    Nations Cup U21 Presentation

    Believe in the Future!
    NC staff


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    Gaes @language-id

    Event Nations Cup U21 akan kembali bergulir.
    Timnas OSM Indonesia bersiap utk berpartisipasi dlm event ini.

    Waiting for this event soon

    Bravo Timnas OSM Indonesia U21 🇮🇩
    💪 💪 💪

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    Selamat berjuang utk Timnas OSM Indonesia U21 👏 👏


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    kalo mau ikut caranya gimana?

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    @dani_setiawan Ada sistem seleksinya, prosesnya sangat ketat dan biasanya tertutup tidak dibuka utk umum seleksinya tergantung kebijakan dari Pelatih Timnas OSM Indonesia, seperti halnya Timnas sepakbola Indonesia di dunia nyata.

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    @a26_rahmadillah apakah turnamennya sudah dimulai?

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    @ryannfakri Besok sudah dimulai kompetisinya. Cek informasi lengkap dan update kompetisinya di thread pada link dibawah ini.

    Nations Cup U21 - Explanation, FAQ, Rules, and Discussion

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    NC U21 200.jpeg

    Hello my friends,

    "The more I read, the more I learn, the more certain I am that I don't know anything." - Voltaire

    The lineup registration phase is over, and these are the teams, that will play, the first edition of Nations Cup U21 :

    Kenya U21 🇰🇪 - Kenn Nyaga
    Azerbaijan U21 🇦🇿 - Sabit Mamedov
    Bosnia and Herzgovina U21 🇧🇦 - AdiAgainCcC
    Brazil U21 🇧🇷 - Flanatico NE
    France U21 🇫🇷 - H Mainguy
    Morocco U21 🇲🇦 - semlali semlali
    Italy U21 🇮🇹 - boss10moha
    Portugal U21 🇵🇹 - bababufias
    Argentina U21 🇦🇷 - Rafa Cunha
    Spain U21 🇪🇸 - Jojiste
    Uruguay U21 🇺🇾 - Mati1932
    India U21 🇮🇳 - Paniyath
    Ukraine U21 🇺🇦 - Fransegues
    Poland U21 🇵🇱 - FORMOZA
    Hungary U21 🇭🇺 - TusA18
    Australia U21 🇦🇺 - Ricky Hyndman
    Peru U21 🇵🇪 - carbajal josé_2
    Iran U21 🇮🇷 - Arashlak77
    Nigeria U21 🇳🇬 - King_Jamiu_10
    Egypt U21 🇪🇬 - almohob traka
    Indonesia U21 🇮🇩 - Vladimir Granat
    Venezuela U21 🇻🇪 - robfer15
    Colombia U21 🇨🇴 - Daniel Armfield
    U.A.E. U21 🇦🇪 - Mcfc_uae

    The draw phase will be done today at 18:00 CET, using a specialized website called Chooserandom, and you can chack it here :


    The National teams were grouped for the draw, like in the image bellow :


    And the National teams will be placed, according to the image bellow :


    The league, that all National teams will play in the first round will be : Belgium 2nd Divison, and these are the pools, determined for Home Team and Away Team :


    And the National teams will be placed, after the draw, in the position of the image bellow :


    Following the teams according to each goal, and the different league, like in image bellow :




    As you can see, there is the representation, of the 6 groups, and with that you see, the league, according to each goal of each manager of the lineup, and their position.

    After the draw, we will publish, the list with each manager per league, and also the composition of all the groups, and the PM of the different leagues.

    To avoid, any mistake, creating the leagues, we will publish a walkthrough to help the PM´s creating the leagues, and decided to postpone the begining of the competition, to 15/06, and so we will have time to clarify any doubts, and we will inform of the window to create the leagues. We hope you understand this measure, we took it to avoid any problems for every National team.

    If you have any doubt or suggestion, don´t hesitate to use the Representatives Whatsapp channel or send us a PM :


    Believe in the Future!
    NC staff

    NC U21 200.jpeg

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    NC U21 200.jpeg

    Hello my friends,

    "If you've managed to deceive a person, it doesn't mean they're silly, it means they trusted you more than you deserved." - Charles Bukowski

    The draws were made today at 18:00 CET, and this are the results of it :


    And distribution of the managers, according to the groups drawn :


    Group A/B - List of Managers by league :

    League 1

    G1 - napoleon_26 - PM
    G1 - SCCPwhite
    G3 - Pint97
    G3 - محمد پیری_2
    G5 - Followdareme
    G5 - otman zaabali
    G7 - Jaciel mata1
    G7 - Iliasmontana

    League 2

    G1 - Italovenezolano
    G1 - John Adams_2 - PM
    G3 - wasim Baig
    G3 - gustavomatematico
    G5 - Bovenzi Christian
    G5 - Sjd8shamsi
    G7 - CahaYa seNja
    G7 - anass ans_1

    League 3

    G1 - agung rastafara - PM
    G1 - ayratbi
    G3 - antonio_2610_1
    G3 - Daroo933
    G5 - Arindam1805
    G5 - Dlucca2014
    G7 - alessio99_
    G7 - امیربهراد نیری 1384

    League 4

    G1 - Rigga84
    G1 - King_blue - PM
    G3 - Nicolas N70
    G3 - oussaada hicham
    G5 - kike hernández_0
    G5 - Fajresss
    G7 - Anubhav Ghosh
    G7 - Joe Stravinsky


    Group C/D - List of Managers by league :

    League 1

    G1 - Mak21111 - PM
    G1 - V هتلر V
    G3 - Lionel Solari
    G3 - rostyslav1908
    G5 - garciadaniel1997
    G5 - Graig Mendez
    G7 - Babaduk Sarri
    G7 - Nicklopp_2

    League 2

    G1 - Rufat Malikzade
    G1 - AFelipe0727 - PM
    G3 - الحاوي ١٩٩
    G3 - محمد مكي31
    G5 - francoxxl
    G5 - Мажара Виталий
    G7 - ElManillas77
    G7 - nicolas mangeard

    League 3

    G1 - Diogo o manager 2 - PM
    G1 - AlainLBB13
    G3 - Təbriz Mahmudlu
    G3 - Andre1438
    G5 - Grizzly_war
    G5 - zezo_treakaa
    G7 - Ricbostero
    G7 - Ackolbd

    League 4

    G1 - Valen Taverna
    G1 - Dinozavr - PM
    G3 - Game9Over1
    G3 - KATRAMZ
    G5 - surxay15
    G5 - Fredinhofredo
    G7 - Abd Majid Juvee
    G7 - Kadryuyd


    Group E/F - List of Managers by league :

    League 1

    G1 - Ance08 - PM
    G1 - pablo crazy
    G3 - Crin90
    G3 - Jfalons
    G5 - Alston1
    G5 - Fabro Cáceres
    G7 - Jokinho19
    G7 - Sammy Mike

    League 2

    G1 - Egorazzyka
    G1 - Kenn Nyaga - PM
    G3 - Ljubisa Grabovica 86
    G3 - arballo_12
    G5 - salam ahmed_9
    G5 - Serradilla7
    G7 - Fuadihno555
    G7 - aldoramirez

    League 3

    G1 - Bobdammy - PM
    G1 - OmarHM18
    G3 - Séder Márk
    G3 - todoroki_12
    G5 - Almin Begovic
    G5 - DtHerman
    G7 - Dannyboy__7
    G7 - Salazu

    League 4

    G1 - Ricky Hyndman
    G1 - Han111 - PM
    G3 - Ovie Kelly Manning
    G3 - Alejandro G21
    G5 - xxxEmezxxx
    G5 - Mikey21_1
    G7 - Majstor94
    G7 - Gaston_05

    This is the correct names, and the correct way of writing them, we advise every PM to copy them, and add this managers to your friend list, in the game, before creating the leagues, any doubts or difficulties to find any manager, please tell us, here in the topic, or by PM or through your National coach, that can warn us, in the Representatives Whatsapp channel, or by the other communication channels.

    Just to remember, this is the pools determined for Home Team and Away Team, in result of the matches between Nation vs Nation, in the different groups :


    For example, in round 1, in Group A, India 🇮🇳 (Home Team) will face Brazil 🇧🇷 (Away Team), this will determine, this choice of teams :

    G1 - Lommel SK - napoleon_26 (India 🇮🇳)
    G1 - RFC Seraing - SCCPwhite (Brazil 🇧🇷)
    G3 - Royale Union Saint-Gilloise - wasim Baig (India 🇮🇳)
    G3 - RWD Molenbeek - gustavomatematico (Brazil 🇧🇷)
    G5 - KVC Westerlo - Arindam1805 (India 🇮🇳)
    G5 - KSK Lierse Kempenzonen - Dlucca2014 (Brazil 🇧🇷)
    G7 - Club NXZ - Anubhav Ghosh (India 🇮🇳)
    G7 - KMSK Deinze - Joe Stravinsky (Brazil 🇧🇷)

    This example, is applied to all teams in different groups, and if there´s an update, in the league Belgium 2nd Division, made by GB, this pools stay valid, even if the update changes the goals of the teams.

    Now let´s follow a simple walkthrough, to help the PM´s, to create correctly the leagues :

    First step, choose a free slot, to create the league;

    League Creation.jpeg

    Second step, choose the league, Belgium 2nd Division;

    League Creation1.jpeg

    Third step, choose your team, and setup the league;

    League Creation2.jpeg

    League Creation3.jpeg

    Fourth step, send the invitations to all managers in your league, and name the league, according to this format : NCU21 - R1 - GROUP A/B - LEAGUE 1
    Changing the group and league, in which the PM will play.

    League Creation4.jpeg

    Nation vs Nation.jpeg

    And tonight, in Blog of the Nations, we receive the U21 National coach of Peru 🇵🇪 @carbajal-josé_2 👏👏

    Q : What do you think of the new format, in qualifying phase, of the Nations Cup U21?
    A : Perfect, there are more options for more coaches to participate and that gives it a better flavor since everyone could participate.
    Q : After the Nations Cup 2021, we brought the Nations Cup U21, what do you think?
    A : I dare to say that it can be even better than the previous one and that is how it should be, it can always be improved 👏🏻 to applaud their work, they are always active and the details they present day by day in the forum are always interesting.
    Q : If there were an entity to regulate national team competitions, do you think it would be useful? Why?
    A : I don't understand the question well 😅 but I think that more national team competitions were what was needed and especially the U21, the Nation Cup is the closest thing to a World Cup, it has the perfect name for an Osm World Cup 🔥
    Q : If there was a regional competition, such as America's Cup or Europe's Cup, to qualify for the finalists of the Nations Cup 2022, would you agree? Why?
    A : Ufffffff, that idea is the best that can exist, totally agree, I even have a chance to do so since there are many teams that play osm, a clear serious idea that while the CUP U21 nations are being played in the final stages, they are qualifying for the Nations Cup where all the Europeans are on one side, America and Asia on the other, as you say, it would be sensational and very realistic, very dynamic and the best that the Osm would have, it would be something revolutionary.

    Thank you José for this enthusiastic interview! This optimistic view of the game, and the National teams competitions, is how our community will continue to evolve and seek to make history. Good luck to Peru! 🇵🇪 Buena suerte Los Jotitas! 🙌🙌

    Any doubt or suggestion, please share with us, by PM or in the Representatives Whatsapp channel :


    Stay tuned, soon we will bring, more news and updates! 😉

    Believe in the Future!
    NC staff

    NC U21 200.jpeg

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    moltensky said in Nations Cup U21 - Explanation, FAQ, Rules and Discussion:


    Good evening friends!

    “The artist is always beginning. Any work of art which is not a beginning, an invention, a discovery is of little worth.”
    ― Ezra Pound

    Welcome to today's edition of Nations Blog!

    Tomorrow (15/06) is the big day! The 1st Round of the Nations Cup U21 Qualifying Phase starts!

    All leagues must be created between 11h30 and 13h00 CET!

    Why this schedule you may ask? Well, we have National Teams from all around the globe playing! And we all must bear in mind that for the far east countries, like Australia, Indonesia and India, the time difference is huge comparing to the western countries, like Venezuela and Uruguay, or Argentina, for instance. So, by using this leagues creation schedule, we're making it possible for the far east countries' players to be online when the leagues are up and running!

    Now, we'll share the leagues compositions, once more, and the PM's in charge of creating them.

    But before that, we remind you all that yesterday we've already shared here in the topic all the info needed for the leagues creation (an extensive league creation walkthrough, and all the players OSM nicknames):


    In Group A we'll have the following National Teams confrontations, in this 1st Round:

    🇮🇳 India U21 vs Brazil U21 🇧🇷
    🇮🇹 Italy U21 vs Iran U21 🇮🇷

    In Group B:

    🇮🇩 Indonesia U21 vs Morocco U21 🇲🇦
    🇻🇪 Venezuela U21 vs Poland U21 🇵🇱

    NCU21 - R1 - LEAGUE 1AB
    @napoleon_26 (India U21)

    napoleon_26 (PM)
    محمد پیری_2
    otman zaabali
    Jaciel mata1

    NCU21 - R1 - LEAGUE 2AB
    @John-Adams_2 (Poland U21)

    John Adams_2 (PM)
    wasim Baig
    Bovenzi Christian
    CahaYa seNja
    anass ans_1

    NCU21 - R1 - LEAGUE 3AB
    @agung-rastafara (Indonesia U21)

    agung rastafara (PM)
    امیربهراد نیری 1384

    NCU21 - R1 - LEAGUE 4AB
    @King_blue (Iran U21)

    King_blue (PM)
    Nicolas N70
    oussaada hicham
    kike hernández_0
    Anubhav Ghosh
    Joe Stravinsky


    In Group C we'll have the following National Teams confrontations, in this 1st Round:

    🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates U21 vs Egypt U21 🇪🇬
    🇦🇷 Argentina U21 vs Ukraine U21 🇺🇦

    In Group D:

    🇵🇹 Portugal U21 vs France U21 🇫🇷
    🇦🇿 Azerbaijan U21 vs Colombia U21 🇨🇴

    NCU21 - R1 - LEAGUE 1CD
    @Mak21111 (U.A.E. U21)

    Mak21111 (PM)
    V هتلر V
    Lionel Solari
    Graig Mendez
    Babaduk Sarri

    NCU21 - R1 - LEAGUE 2CD
    @AFelipe0727 (Colombia U21)

    Rufat Malikzade
    AFelipe0727 (PM)
    محمد مكي31
    Мажара Виталий
    nicolas mangeard

    NCU21 - R1 - LEAGUE 3CD
    @Diogo-o-manager-2 (Portugal U21)

    Diogo o manager 2 (PM)
    Təbriz Mahmudlu

    NCU21 - R1 - LEAGUE 4CD
    @Dinozavr (Ukraine U21)

    Valen Taverna
    Dinozavr (PM)
    Abd Majid Juvee


    In Group E we'll have the following National Teams confrontations, in this 1st Round:

    🇧🇦 Bosnia and Herzegovina U21 vs Uruguay U21 🇺🇾
    🇦🇺 Australia U21 vs Spain U21 🇪🇸

    In Group F:

    🇳🇬 Nigeria U21 vs Peru U21 🇵🇪
    🇭🇺 Hungary U21 vs Kenya U21 🇰🇪

    NCU21 - R1 - LEAGUE 1EF
    @Ance08 (Bosnia and Herzegovina U21)

    Ance08 (PM)
    pablo crazy
    Fabro Cáceres
    Sammy Mike

    NCU21 - R1 - LEAGUE 2EF
    @Kenn-Nyaga (Kenya U21)

    Kenn Nyaga (PM)
    Ljubisa Grabovica 86
    salam ahmed_9

    NCU21 - R1 - LEAGUE 3EF
    @Bobdammy (Nigeria U21)

    Bobdammy (PM)
    Séder Márk
    Almin Begovic

    NCU21 - R1 - LEAGUE 4EF
    @Han111 (Spain U21)

    Ricky Hyndman
    Han111 (PM)
    Ovie Kelly Manning
    Alejandro G21

    And we're all set!

    Please choose your teams correctly!

    You can check the U21 Nations Cup Regulation here.

    Remember: any complaint, should be forwarded to the Nations Cup email: staffn145@gmail.com.


    Hello OSM fanatics! Beats Bytes in the house!

    We are on the eve of the start of the 1st Edition of the Nations Cup U21, and we are going to have a spectacular competition! Yesterday we had the draw, which dictated the fate of the National teams, for the qualifying round.

    Let's analyze the groups, the National teams and their qualifying possibilities!

    Today we start with Group A, in which we will have a great OSM power: Brazil! Which will be accompanied by India, who as you know won the Nations Cup 2021 with the main National team, and therefore will be a serious candidate to qualify for the next phase. Then we have another great OSM power: Italy! That despite not having competed in the Nations Cup 2021, he will always be a candidate even for the final victory! Finally, we have Iran, who will be the outsider in this group, but beware that sometimes there are surprises! This is without a doubt the "Group of Death"!

    In Group B, we will have Indonesia, which in the Nations Cup 2021 was a pleasant surprise, making an excellent R1 phase, although in the Final they couldn't maintain the same level of performance. Morocco will also be among the candidates to pass the next stage, as demonstrated at NC21 in which it qualified for the Final, and it came to walk in the front places. Another National Team very interesting is Poland, which despite not having been very happy in NC21, failing to qualify for the final, is always very combative and talented. Finally, in this Group B, we have Venezuela, which already has some experience in this type of competition, and which will certainly want to leave a more positive image, than its participation in NC21. This is perhaps the "Balanced Group" any one of the 4 National teams can move to the next stage!

    Tomorrow I'll be back with Groups C and D analysis! Stay tuned!

    Cheers! Beats Bites is out!


    And now it's time to welcome @Flanatico-NE , Brazil 🇧🇷National Team Coach, in today's Nations Blog interview!

    Q - What do you think of the new format, in the qualification phase, of the U21 Nations Cup?
    Quite interesting, I liked it, congratulations on your dedication!

    Q - After the 2021 Nations Cup, we brought the Under-21 Nations Cup, what do you think about that?
    Very good! Especially because, there are not many U21 competitions! Just be careful not to fill up on competitions and trivialize the selections!

    Q - If there was a regulator for national team competitions, do you think it would be useful? Because?
    it would definitely be useful. With practically the same rules and criteria. The way you're confused. Organization is always better

    Q - If there was a regional competition, such as Copa America or Europe, to qualify the finalists for the 2022 Cup of Nations, would you agree? Because?
    I think that I would value the cup of nations. But it would have to unify the organization of competitions. If I'm not mistaken, there is already a Hispanic tournament (almost all American countries) and another America cup to emerge ... anyway. Unifying and organizing will be cool!

    Thank you Nadson! Best of luck to Brazil U21! 🇧🇷

    Any doubt or suggestion, please share with us, by PM or in the Representatives Whatsapp channel :


    See you tomorrow! From now on, Nations Blog will be presented in a daily basis! Don't miss it!

    Believe in the Future!
    NC staff

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    Bagaimana ni bung Perkembangan timnas kita???🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

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    @irvan-dharmawan no problem, saat ini sdg jalan R2, Indoneaia U21 VS Venezuela U21 👌

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    Indonesia U21 🇮🇩 vs Venezuela U21 🇻🇪


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    @vladimir-granat Bagaimana nih kang, Kabar timnas kita🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • moltensky said in Nations Cup U21 - Explanation, FAQ, Rules and Discussion:


    Hello NC Friends!

    “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
    ― Albert Einstein

    Welcome to Blog of the Nations, edition 79!

    The 3rd fixture of the Nations Cup U21 Final is complete! Let's tale a look on the Standings!

    Standings Table - Round 3

    U21NC-FINAL - Standings Table (1).jpg

    Poland U21 is still on the lead, already with 218 points scored! Impressive start! Egypt U21 jumped from 4th to 2nd place, now with 110 points, and Spain U21 completes the podium, with 102 points! Portugal U21 swapped places with Egypt U21, being now 4th, with 92 points. In the 5th place is Italy U21, with 67 points, completing the set of National Teams in the top of the Leaderboard!

    You can follow the Leagues of the Final here :

    League 1F
    League 2F
    League 3F
    League 4F

    Penalties Table

    Here's the updated Penalties Table. The scores in the Standings Table already take in consideration this Penalties.



    You can check Nations Cup U21 Regulation here.

    You can reach us using the official email: staffn145@gmail.com

    Any complaint should be made only in our form.

    To help the National Coaches to keep track of their Teams Scores, we've created a simple editable table in Excel, you can download it here.


    "Hey you, out there beyond the wall
    Breaking bottles in the hall
    Can you help me?"

    Nothing like this amazing excerpt from Pink Floyd's "The Wall" album theme "Hey You", to signal the debut of The Wall Award today! The stats are starting to narrow, and the already World Class Managers are starting to pop up in the highlights! Let's take a look on how things are in the Individual Awards rankings after 3 rounds of the Nations Cup U21 Final!

    Most Valuable Player Award


    Janex123 (Poland U21 🇵🇱) has jumped to 1st place in this ranking, scoring a total of 100 points after 3 played fixtures in League 3F!

    Goal Frenzy Award


    Game9Over1 (Portugal U21 🇵🇹) and zakaria-el11 (Morocco U21 🇲🇦) share the lead now, with 7 scored goals in their Leagues! An average above 2 goals per match! Great performance!

    The Wall Award


    After 3 completes fixtures in the Final, we've got 2 managers with clean sheet! Łowkiet-Łukasz (Poland U21 🇵🇱) and Francesco833 (Italy U21 🇮🇹), haven't conceded any goal yet! Amazing performance lads!

    Extreme Evolution Award


    Alfonso75 (Spain U21 🇪🇸) has jumped to the top of this ranking, with an extraordinary squad evolution of 271M! With the Transfer Madness Event still going on, I expect a lot of changes in this ranking until Monday!

    Great, great performances mates! Well done!

    Let's end this rubric today with a grand finale from the song i've brought you in the opening! Enjoy!

    "Hey you, don't tell me there's no hope at all
    Together we stand, divided we fall"


    We're pleased to host Flanatico-NE in today's edition of Blog of the Nations! He's the National Team Coach of Brazil U21 🇧🇷, one of the 12 Finalists of this Nations Cup U21 first edition!

    Q: The foundation of the U21 Nations Cup is the U21 Coach concept. Do you think the criteria are well defined? If not, can you tell us what it should be?
    Yes of course, we always work with meritocracy.

    Q: In the 1st edition of the U21 Nations Cup, it is allowed to include 1 coach who is not U21 in the squad for the Qualification Phase. Do you agree with this idea? Why?
    Yes, always good to have some experience among the "younger" coaches.

    Q: What is your opinion about the competition rules? what can be improved?
    I believe it looks great as it is, they are doing a GREAT job.

    Q: After 2 qualifying rounds, what is your opinion on the quality and format of the tournament?
    I really liked this format, it reminded me a little of the old 5x5.

    Q: With final warranty qualification, what is your next goal?
    Be a champion of course.

    Q: Do you think this competition has fulfilled its main objective, launching new generations of managers at National Team level? Why?
    Yes yes, following the younger coaches closely is always good, and it will be the future of our national team.

    Thank your Nadson! We're all expecting to see Brazil U21 in the top places of this Final! Best of luck to a Canarinha! 🇧🇷

    It's all for today! Come back tomorrow for more news! Please support your National Team!

    Any doubt or suggestion, please share with us, by PM or in the Representatives Whatsapp channel.


    Believe in the Future!
    NC Staff