Club History B - Barcelona 2008-2012 - Wrong Positions

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    Hi, guys! I was about to start playing in the league "Club History B" with Barcelona 2008-2012 and I figured out there are some mistakes when it comes to the positions of the players:

    • Messi should be RF instead of ST (with Eto贸 and Henry he wasn't playing as false 9; he was in the center with Villa on the left and Pedro on the right side)
    • Eto贸 should be ST instead of LF
    • Henry was originally ST but he was actually playing as LF
    • Pedro should be RF instead of ST
    • Iniesta should be CM instead of CAM
    • Busquets should be CDM instead of CM
    • Keita should be CM instead of RM
    • Thiago should be CM instead of CAM
    • Toure should be CDM instead of CM
    • Dani Alves should be RB instead of LB
    • Abidal should be LB instead of RB

    You can check all kind of football sites (Transfermarkt for example) and make sure these are the correct positions of the players. Playing with the players at the wrong positions takes away from the whole experience and I will be grateful if you take the time to fix it.

    Best wishes! 馃檪

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    Can you post a picture to understand these errors?

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    @rapide-ahmed what to post? It is very easy to understand that position are wrong. Long time ago I mention that in "Special" leagues position of player are wrong.

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    @rapide-ahmed Barcelona 3.png Barcelona 2.jpg Barcelona 1.jpg

    This should make it clear that there are far too many mistakes.