World wide football - Best 11 in 2017 will be...

  • What do you think about best 11 players in new 2017 year, can any player except Real Madrid and Barcelona players be in the World best 11 this year!

    In my opinion, these are the best eleven for the 2017 year!

    M. Neuer

    S. Ramos
    D. Godin
    D. Carvajal
    V. Marcelo

    T. Kroos
    P. Pogba
    A. Iniesta

    J. Neymar
    L. Messi
    C. Ronaldo

    As toy can see, 3 of my 11 players are not from the Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona!


  • I would have guessed that you support Real Madrid once I saw Carvajal's name but then I noted that you have picked Pogba over Modric.....
    I also would give de Bruyne a spot instead of Iniesta, Veltman instead of Carvajal, pick De Bruyne over Iniesta and Justin Kluivert over Neymar.

  • Well, i'm West Ham fan, and this topic is my honest opinion about world best 11 in next 11 months.

    Maybe De Bryne will become better than Iniesta in next season but at this moment Iniesta is just magical in my opinion, he can change the whole game with just two or three steps !

    And about Carvajal, i think he is the best RB in the world at this moment and after him maybe Lahm Juanfran, yearDani Alves and Azpilicueta (who can play as LB and CB). But there is young star Bellerin who will be the best Rb in a year or two, i think he is one of the quickest players when he's controlling the ball!

    Veltman is good RB or even CB but he is far away from Carvajal or even Bellerin!

  • @SIRclitjeslikker_NL And whats wrong with Carvajal? He is a great right back, his biggest quallity is that he is good in attack and great in defense, unlike Marcelo who is fantastic upfront, but bit lacking in defense.

    As for lists like this, too early to judge, lets wait until July at least, then we can start discuss something like this ;)

  • @pin.kod just kidding about Veltman of course :P Even in our mediocre league he is hardly appreciated.

    Carvajal just never really impresses me defensively whenever he plays against a decent winger. I actually prefer all those other names that you just mentioned ;)

    Would indeed make more sense to me to make such a list about the previous year.

  • In my opinion these will be:

    Neuer, Sergio Ramos, Hummels, Raphaël Guerreiro, Dani Alves, Pogba, Kroos, Rakitić, Messi, Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic.

  • @SIRclitjeslikker_NL Veltman is good player and a lot of good and young defenders came out the Netherland's football school in the last two years, example Riedevald, K. Tete, J. Willems, J. Brenet, Kongolo, karsdorp etc

    I think it's interesting to predict which player will keep good form and who will be the best in some position on the field in 2017.
    As for the last year, i think we can just copy this list, because in the 2016 same players were on top :dark_sunglasses: :100: %

    But i must write in here and my World wide football 2017 best 11 - B list ;S

    D. de Gea

    L. Bonucci
    M. Hummels
    D. Alaba
    P. Lahm

    L. Modric
    J. Koke
    K. De Bruyne

    G. Bale
    A. Griezmann
    L. Suarez

  • @pin.kod is this a topick "The art Football" crew

  • @Bayu-Prakusuma I am not fluent in English

  • My answer to players who did not come from the Spanish giants are M.Neuer. Godin. and Pogba

  • French Moderator

    I think that the best player in 2017 will be Nicolas de Preville from LOSC :dagger:

    text alternatif


  • Cheers to that ;) :) :100:

  • @Bayu-Prakusuma This is the common topic about worldwide best 11 players in 2017. :eye: :eye:

    Cheers Bayu :man_dancing:

  • @Levi-Rios I like your best 11, not so sure about Ibrahimovic, Rakitic, and Dani Alves but anyhow it's a strong squad and good prediction :trophy:

  • @pin.kod od my Good :disappointed: Alaba must be there for sure, he is best left back! And also some tipical striker is needed, for example Suarez or Lewandowski :muscle_tone2: :smiley:

  • @Vlado-Skero Alaba is an amazing player, and between him and Marcelo is a small difference. I think Marcelo is better offensively but Alaba is better in defense!

    And i think that C. Ronaldo or even Messi can play as a typical striker!

    Suarez, Lewandowski, Ibrahimovic, Benzema, Griezman, Aguero, Higuain are amazing forward players but in 4 3 3 system i thing that Messi, Neymar, and Ronaldo make perfect forward triangle ;)

  • @pin.kod Ibrahimovic is playing very well, so I bet on him :)

  • @Levi-Rios Ibrahimovic is amazing forward, so strong and skillful and he will be 36 this year!

  • @pin.kod Yeah!
    He has an ability to score incredible goals!

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