Game engine - mystery?

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    At this point I would say, this game is more about 'who knows more' about game engine and totally not about outsmarting player's with your own tactics. You may not agree but I think managers lack information about what different tactics give and how they work with each other.
    What do you think, should we share our knowledge about game engine or is it really that cool to find out everything for yourself? (Actually, I think that more experienced players do not share information because they enjoy crushing noobs)
    It's almost common knowledge that:
    Passing game + Play possession + those B formations, like 442B, or with more midfielders works best for winning game possession = more chances to score.
    Play on wings + One-touch football + 442A or 433 formations = works wonders and one of the game winning tactics (433 beats almost anything, but 442 keeps 433 at bay)
    And it works like a charm when you play 442B against 442A when both managers put passing game + play possession just like 442A works like a charm against 433 when both managers play play on wings + one-touch football.
    So I encourage to discuss more how different elements of tactics affect each other. Why passing game + play possession is so good, why play on wings + one-touch football is so good, what have you noticed is good with any other tactic in the game.

  • Hi @Omicronwolf !

    Thank you for sharing this information, I have played this game on and off for about 10 years. Haha, but I donno about crushing noobs or having figured out the secret. Although I have found that generally this trifecta works:

    442 beats 433
    433 beats 451
    451 beats 442

    Do you agree?

    Obviously the deciding factor are the other tactics you use, but generally speaking these formations work well against the others. Your analysis of the B formations and the possession game theories are very interesting! I am going to try and implement them to see how it goes.

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    @LordMudkip as you have noticed, other elements of tactics decide if you win.
    for example:

    • 442A playing on wings + one-touch football is going to crush 433A or B playing on wings + one-touch football most of the time. Although 442B passing game + play possession against 433A or B playing on wings + one-touch football only works if certain conditions are met.
      And when I'm talking about beginners, it happens that they choose 442A and play passing game + play possession or something similar, you can totally destroy them with 442B same tactics. So.. it's not really outsmarting them, it's just using their flaws in knowledge.
      433A a bit more defensive formation, mostly used with midfielders helping the defence, playing on wigs, one-touch football, pressing - sit deep, defensive mentality - super effective combo versus stronger teams when they don't really push on the offence. noticed that experienced players play 4231 SOS against that.
      433B is an offensive formation, should be used with midfielders helping strikers and pressing high up the pitch with attacking mentality. works best when opponent is trying to be a bit more on offence.

  • hey omicron and mudkip,
    Iโ€™m not sure that thereโ€™s set formations and tactics that always work. I think a lot depends on how each manager plays those formations and tactics, and also what the overall relative strengths of the teams are. as O says, new managers donโ€™t know what tactics work best with which formations.
    I find attacking 433 and 442 work well if you're stronger than your opponent, esp. at home.
    part of the fun of this game is trying to anticipate what an opponent will play, and then coming up with something to counter it.
    or the other way is just to set your best team and tactics, and let your opponent respond.
    anyway, you have a good chance to try out your tactics in our next crew league, omicron ๐Ÿ˜œ

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    @phaultseberg i definitely will ๐Ÿ˜‰
    the purpose of my topic is to find out how the elements of tactics work. let's say the opposing managers tactics are the same on different cases and you change only 1 variable and how does that affect the game. for example if you change from play possession to one-touch football. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    This post is deleted!

  • @Omicronwolf in the old version we used to play friendlies almost daily.
    I tested to see if changing just one variable 10-20% (with my opponent exactly the same as the previous game) would influence the outcome of the game, and we found that it did

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    @phaultseberg that's what's interesting. what do you say? is it the philosophy for everyone to find that out? or maybe people can share that? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    This post is deleted!

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    Do you think 433B + Passing game + Play possession is a good combo?
    Does it work against 433A + Wing Play?

  • @omicronwolf As some people mentioned here there are several factors, that affect result of matches when you choose one or another tactic. For example: if you have poor squad than your opponent you should choose defensive tactics like 541, 5311, 451. If your squad is better than opponent's tactical schemes like 433, 343 or 352 will suit you better.

    You should analyze your opponent better before match played. His squad, his played matches, career etc. There is no one or two magical tactic, that help you win all matches.

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    @andrei-popoviciu 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 is more effective, depends on the strength of your team. 4-3-3 B only in your home, 4-3-3 B against me have little chance of winning, even with a better team. I only use 4-3-3 A

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