[Crews] Crew Recruitment

  • We're looking for active and English speaking member/s for our crew!

    Crew name : Royal Agents

    We're a newly founded crew, we're aiming to be one of the best crews in OSM. Approaching to victory with loyalty and patience.

  • @elcacho10 - would your crew be into a battlepedia battle v CAP for your established members and either/or CAP academy for your young guns? Send me a msg in OSM if so.

  • @r3ddogs you have PMs off me

  • @dutchcaptain
    I am Toby Sol and am interested in joining your crew. I am fairly new, I have managed New York Red Bulls for 22 days and am in second place and am also managing Atalanta in Serie A in which I am undefeated for 14 days currently.

    I am extremely active every day on OSM and believe I will rise to be one of the top players in the world. I will put everything towards the benefit of the crew, thank you.

    Toby Sol

    • One of the most popular ITALIAN TEAM is searching for active and COMPETITIVE members to join in!

    • list itemItalian speakers are prefered but also english speaker people are well accepted!

    • We are supported by a Facebook Group of 6k+ members and also we got WhatSapp group where we organize ourselves.

    • Name Group: Praetoriani

    • Member to Message for info in game: Rebecca Volpetti

    alt text

  • Any very good and experienced managers looking for a crew PM me please

  • Re: [Crews] Crew Recruitment

    Two academy crews for the top 100 Crew The Championship (CAP) looking for recruits. One on .nl (CAP .nl) and one on .com the Championship Academy (TCA). Wanna develop your skills and be active in a healthy system of football gaming excellence, come join us. Contact me thru my OSM account, or Dhrubo on .com and Bacoo der Net on .nl. Keep on scoring!

  • English Moderator

    @sergei005 said in Tigres del Sur:

    Hello! My name is Sergi Martín, and I am looking for new members for our Crew.

    The requirements are clear and simple:

    Minimum 5,000 manager points.
    You have to speak English.
    Minimum one available space. And reserve another for friendly.
    Be serious, active, mature and loyal.

    We want to be few, active and with the objective to reach one day the Top 100 World's bests Crews.

    ⚠ Please reply to : @Sergei005

    And please do not open new topics before making sure there's one already covering your need.

  • This post is deleted!

    Are you looking for a quality English speaking crew?
    We will expect you to:
    • Be active
    • Have a whatsapp account
    • Take part in battles
    • Join the crew league

    We are already playing three 10 day battles at a time and we want to play four.

    If you’re interested send me a PM, manager name NETVIGATOR.

    Don’t worry if your 4 slots are in use, we are patient!

  • @hans-orf - after a great two tier league tournament for possible promotion to the top 100 crew (CAP), the Championship Academy (TCA) is looking for some young guns. Register with us before Tuesday and on our games server on discord and join the 2nd season to potentially fast track you to the top 100 crew. Contact Reges25F, IamRexta or myself on OSM.


  • We're looking for active members!!!

    Crew name: England Boys
    Division: Champion Division

    Requirement: 50-100+ Battle Points as much as possible

    Come on in, guys.

    Send me or any crew managers a PM
    Username: Jhayzhie

  • The Championship (CAP) is recruiting.
    Crew Name: The Championship
    Crew ranking: Around 70+
    Division: World Star Division
    Medal points: 15067
    Main Language: English
    Crew activities: Crew battle, ccw, crew league.
    Crew requirements

    • able to understand English
    • active
    • install and use discord (we use discord for communication, we do not use WhatsApp)
    • reserve one game slot for crew battle
    • reserve one game slot for crew league

    If you don't have game slot open now, it is fine, we are patient, but you have to reserve it for crew battle later after your game is completed. Anyone who is interested to join us please private message @noni211 @Dhrubo-II @zool-babies or @Hans-Orf (TCA - CAP academy) here or in OSM.

  • @jadentmw said in Crew Gunners:

    Hi managers can you please join my crew so we can dominate in the game

  • Platinum Warriors (PW) is recruiting.

    Main Language: English - Español
    Crew activities: Crew battle, ccw, crew league.
    Crew requirements

    • able to understand English or Spanish
    • active
    • (use WhatsApp)
    • reserve one game slot for crew battle
    • reserve one game slot for crew league

  • @dutchcaptain can i join ur crew?

  • as long as you speak english you can join

  • 2 spaces in my crew, I’m looking for very strong, active managers for the 10 day battles. Speak decent English and use WhatsApp. We play in lots of other competitions on OSM too

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