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    Can someone invite me.. i used to play it in 2016 and now im back..i will play battles.

  • Good morning, by this means the group Scorpiones Dorados opens a recruitment process to belong to our group.
    We are looking for the most suitable and competitive coaches for our new growth project.

    1- Have more than 20 thousand points.
    2- Be a very active manager in the game and have some knowledge about groups.
    3- Be respectful with the members of the group.
    4- Be Latin American or European who can understand the Spanish language.
    5- Have disposition and time for the group.
    6- Be a competitive manager.

    If you meet the coach profile we are looking for, contact us. You can contact georges baptiste or everardo.7.

  • We're an active group Champions level (5000+pts)
    We actually really need active players who always save one slot for team battles.
    If you're interested about, just send a pvt to Rebecca Volpetti in game.
    See you soon!

  • We are recruiting new members as long as they meet the following requirements:

    • Activity above everything
    • Get coins for battles
    • Have experience in battles or interest in learning
    • Have WhatsApp to facilitate communication.
    • Interested to send PM to the moderator of the group.

  • Hi, I might be interested in joining a crew here, I have my own crew on OSM.nl but I would like to learn some new stuff here on OSM.com.
    My manager name on NL is maxaldinho, current rank 25 and I play OSM since 2006 (incl a break 2009-2015), I'm also active on OSM world since november last year, current rank 15.096.

    I prefere a dutch crew, but english is also fine. Experience in crewcomp, crewcup, crewbattles, duels, ..

    So if any crew(s) are interested, let me know! 😉
    ps: for crewduels (for the medals) I'm not the kind of manager that trows coins away for timers, transfers, etc.. offcourse I use scout and some trainingcamp (but not all 6). So that for who thinks thats important 😉

    Grtz Max

  • @bruma1990

    Sent you a msg through OSM chat.


  • Good morning,

    Los super campeones crew is actively recruiting for our competitive level crew. We are currently in the Pro division with 3556 points and climbing, we have ongoing battles and every member is expected to participate on them, on going group leagues which are expected to be competing in as well. if interested please message me in game

  • Dutch Users

    Hi there,

    Looking for a crew (preferable Dutch).
    Active (off and on) since 2004. 90k managerpoints.

    Hope to get an invitation!

    Regards, Winssen

  • @bruma1990 sent you a PM mate. Take a look at my crew, you can join if you like

  • @winssen_nl think You’re on the wrong chat, your profile is dutch and not world? Can’t see 90k manager points

  • Italian Users

    001 - The conquest of 1,000 medals - We will check that the new members of the group have at least one free slot and we will write continuously in the Chat that you sign up to a group to do the Battles, inviting those who do not intend to do the battles, to resign. We will drive away those who already have all 4 slots involved, or who are missing too many days to get a free slot. Come on Cagliari

  • Italian Users

    @grandecagliari 002 - Remove members who do not compete - We will make it clear to the subscribers that you sign up for a group to make battles, then reach the 24 members who have at least one free slot, we will send this letter to everyone: "you all have a Slot free, so sign up for the Battle, and if you have made a commitment to use the free slot otherwise, please politely resign and leave room for other brave ones. " Then we will have to send an ultimatum with a similar letter: "If by the 18/09/18 you will not be enrolled in a battle you will be removed from the group and replaced by braver people". In short, who does not battle, go to another group. Come on Cagliari

  • I am looking for new coaches to our crew.
    We are top 50 ranked and we look for players that want to join.

    • You need facebook to join our crew chat
    • You need to be good at OSM and use your spy against opponents to beat their tactics.
      Send me a PM if you want to join

  • 'The Championship' is recruiting managers who thrive to win! 24/7 battles and tons of fun and learning experience. You have to join our private Discord server once you join our crew (that's a MUST!). Interested managers throw me a PM and we can discuss further.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Are you a good manager and your crew not very active and you are? You wanna play in the 10 day battles and also other competitions if you’re good enough? Write and understand English alittle and can get whatsapp for our group chat (optional) and separate chats for battles (a must)! We’re a very active crew, we play in nearly all competitions on OSM at the highest level! Currently playing three 10 day battles at a time and a couple of managers short of playing 4 at a time. If you’re interested send me a PM, could be playing a battle as quick as tonight with me.

  • @jeffro-davies Mate the transfer window has closed lol

  • @netvigator the transfer window is always open Neil haha. How are you mate? See you got one of our old managers that left few days ago

  • @jeffro-davies All good thanks. Yes, Paul joined us just inside the transfer deadline lmao!

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