Football Betting

  • Does anyone like to have a bet on the football at the weekends? Anyone got any betting tips? What bets you put on for today?

  • In Bundesliga today:

    Bayern 2-1 Schalke
    Mönchengladbach 1-0 Freiburg
    Colônia 1-3 Wolfsburg
    Hertha 0-0 Ingolstadt
    Hoffenheim 1-0 Mainz
    Dortmund 2-1 Leipzig

  • Dortmund - Leipzig 1 1.90
    Dijon - PSG handicap 2 1.80 (PSG wins with 2 or more goals difference)
    Barcelona - Bilbao 1 and 3+ 1.60
    Atl.Madrid - Leganes 1 1.30

    Put 20 e and take 150 e :)

  • @MenagerBL Nice one, though I cant find such good odds for BVB anywhere, 1,65 here in Croatia, 1,55 on Bet365 :)

    I put a bet on this today :

    Eupen - Waasland (Belgium top Division) over 2.5 goals @ 1,80
    BW Linz - HC Insbruck (Austria Hockey) over 5.5 goals @ 1,55
    Bologna - Napoli 2 @ 1,50

    Total odds @ 4,18

  • @Majstor-Matt
    I played a ticket for the whole week and on monday it was 1.90...Now I see it's really 1.60.

    hmm Napoli... )) I never bet on them when they play away. I would say both teams score and 3+. It's 2.30 on this.

  • Dundee United to come from behind and win
    Tottenham to come from behind and win
    Aston Villa to come from behind and draw

    10p Trixie (40p)
    10p Accumulator

    Total Stake: 50p

  • @MenagerBL Napoli 7:1 :D They are palying brilliantly lately, Im getting worried a bit now cause we play them in CL. Wont be easy at all... As for my ticket, Napoli and hockey easy, but Eupen failed to score even they were better team and lost 0:2.. Only one goal missing for my ticket. Oh well..

  • Polish Moderator

    @Majstor-Matt I hope Milik will be ready on Real. I'm waiting for this match :D

  • @ToomAnyWays I think those could be spectacular matches, maybe even best in this round. I know Bayern plays Arsenal and PSG plays Barca.. but these 2 matches could be spectacular with plenty goals, considering how both teams dont know to play too much defensive :)

  • Heyo, I do bet a lot in real life man, I'll be posting my tips here just incase all of you wanna try them.

    I risk a lot but I win up to three/four times a month.

    Let's see how this goes :)

  • Any NBA betters here? I only bet on CL nowadays, too many dumb af results.