Can you give me advices on selling players?

  • Italian Users

    Hey guys, I've been playing OSM since about two weeks (even though I used to play it one year ago), and I have a big problem: I don't know what's the right price for the players.
    For example, I'm trying to sell Willian (28 y/o, 94 off 86 def and 90 overall, valued 16,7 M) for 29,2 millions and Pedro (29 y/o, 92 off, 85 def and 88 overall, valued 15,4 M) for 27,4 millions, but no one is buying them...I started with like 35 millions for both them, but since no one bought them I decreased their price.
    In my league, there's a player who sold Coquelin for 28,6 millions...How did he know he would have sold him for that price?
    Could someone please give me some tips on how to sell my players at the highest price?
    Thank you