Not sure about this new transfer system.. Or perhaps there is something I'm missing?!

  • It seems me the transfer system is kinda broken and the best way to play is to prey on those who don't realise its full potential. When I pick a team it should be because I want the players in that team? Wrong. I want the biggest team possible so I can sell every single player. From what I've seen you can sell any player that started in the team for their max value without fail, and then the transfer list will produce better players than you originally had. I could be wrong but when I used to play there was no guarantee how much you could get for your players but you could be sure you wouldn't get their max value except off another player, which gave you a lot of trading power if you had better players than on the transfer list. I genuinely feel like I've scammed someone now if they sell me a player at base value, or even 150%. Everyone else who has figured this out, and its most of the veterans, no longer trade players with players in the league, all the players from those teams are sold out the league never to be seen again and replaced a bunch of foreigners, which is only normal in the EPL. From what I have noticed there seems to be no down side to doing this, the team still functions fine whereas many years ago when I would regulary host a league with several friends we noticed the ones who made too many transfers suffered greatly and we all favoured players from the league already or tried to scout players who had the same nationality as the league because we had seen patterns that those players were more likely to perform well on a regular basis. I would love it if someone replied now and told me I've just been extremely lucky and there is still some sort of squad harmony that matters and its not just numbers on a page, or perhaps my friends and I just looked into it too much back in 2010.

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    Totally agree with you. This transfer-madness system just seems unreal for me, yet no one in OSM seems to do anything about it.