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    I'm done reporting this guy and no one does anything, this guy "Bilani" has 3 accounts only in my league cause he does it in other leagues also.

    You can check the ip, the nationality they are both the same. RNK SPLIT, LOKOMOTIVA and CIBALIA.

    Here we can see the the keeper of Lokomotiva is a defender, could be a coicidence but it is not.


    Again we can see that the goalkeeper is a midfielder, i'm not even going to talk about the rest of the "11"

    I've had 7 trainning camps against me. 3 from his team Lokomotiva, 2 from his main account cibalia and 1 from RNK Split the other one was from another team.



    Basicly i lost the league because of goal difference as he won 8.0 in the last game it's obvious that it is not a coincidence i hope you do something because i'm done of reporting this guy.. It's so unfair.