Human settlement on mars

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    They want to put a human settlement on Mars.
    The whole world will watch and experience this journey.
    Would you leave the earth behind and go to Mars?

  • This is really interesting experiment! I saw this a while ago and read a bit about it, it takes about 6 months to get there! I do not think I would be able to sit in the rocket for that long never mind leave my family and friends to go to mars permanently!

    But it will be very interesting to see the results from this and we will surely learn a lot about Mars and hopefully some life will be found too! But I do not think I would be able to go to Mars if I'm being honest :/

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    I agree that it's a interesting experiment.
    Although I would rather stay on earth, but I would like to follow that live :relaxed:

  • I think it's intresting adventure. As I know the project Mars One wants to establish a permanent human colony on Mars by 2026. Everything is possible! I can't believe that it will happen in our lifetime but it's possible:rocket:

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    @Wenger-Wise I'll know that it probably is possible.
    But would you do that if it was possible in our lifetime.

  • @Hespera Please let this happen in my lifetime. What an adventure that would be...

  • @Hespera when I look at Mars, I understand that our planet is not so bad:smiley:

  • I just hope they wont touch the water on Mars! :D #DoctorWhoFansWillKnow ;)

  • @Majstor-Matt that episode was terrifying :cry:

  • I read about this a few months ago. Apparently they didn't have enough funds yet and were looking for sponsors to put the money to go ahead with the project, so it is unclear if it will be financially achievable.

    Once this problem is sorted, the plan is sending a group of people for a permanent settlement. Then they should survive on their own by farming, obtaining water from the ground, producing food and oxygen by their own means... It may sound easy but the processes to get these resources are quite complex and some are not clear yet. Honestly, I don't think those people would be able to survive long term.

  • Can we vote for who gets sent away to Mars first? Maybe Justin Bieber? :laughing:

  • I'm going to open a pub in that planet, and call it 'The Mars Bar' © all rights reserved.

  • I have no clue why anyone would go up there :sweat_smile: ... Everyone would probably hate it over there. I would understand if NASA would build a facility up there, exploring other planets from Mars, build a telescope up there and so on...

  • @King-Noel said in Human settlement on mars:

    Can we vote for who gets sent away to Mars first? Maybe Justin Bieber? :laughing:

    I wish he was chosen :laughing: Getting rid of him would be "one giant leap for mankind"!

  • @DWilson Yeah, also the Kardashians too.

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