I created new league and no matches played

  • Time remaining was 1 hr and then it turned to 71hr again

  • Preparation days ;) Time remaining is till next simulation.

  • @Vertrigo_NL
    How manty preparation days to start ?
    And if u know please what's happening when the league finish ? Will wme and friends continue with our teams and transfers amd start new season or will it remove and start from the first , bec i found in tools ( next season ) i don't know what's it... and ty so much

  • @MrAliSaad1 Hi mate

    We have 4 days preparation and then start the league. OSM is one season game and when you'll finish the league all will reset from the beginning.

    Next Season means when you'll finish the league and if you like to create another league or to play in the same league, just click Next Season and choose the league

  • @Lirind
    Should i have another 400 boss funds for the next season ?

  • @MrAliSaad1 No if you create the league through Moderator- Tools, the leagues costs less Bc's

  • @MrAliSaad1 Hi welcome, if you continue your league you will be paying less boss coins then start a complete new league.
    The exact amount you can find if you go to next season settings, choose the country you want to play in next season. As long as you don't confirm by clicking on the boss coins, you can check the amount of bc's from several leagues :wink:

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