Achievements locked

  • So having already been told that that We're investigating this problem with achievements!
    We're able to track back if you are eligible to claim this achievement, so don't worry if it takes some time for us to help you!
    If your problem isn't fixed in a couple weeks, please report it back. We'll try to minimise as much as possible the time to fix it!
    to now being told i have to take screen shots as proof cant proof nothing no where does it state or show that i have unlocked those awards even where the achievements our

  • @Mark-harris11 Hi welcome, a part of the achievements must be fixed manualy and we need proof for that.
    You can check at your achievements if it;s 100% there, but if that's not the case then there's not much we can do for you without screens.

  • both our not 100% have no idea what i'm surpose to screen shot to prove it was unlocked maybe its more hassle and what its worth

  • and also have no way of screen shooting it cant get a clear shot taking a photo off my laptop screen via phone

  • @Mark-harris11 It's much easier to download lightshot and screen with that on laptop

  • No respons from the OP anymore, so this can be closed.

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