• I don't understand why half the players doesnt even have the position they've got in real life? Its really boring when players are in the wrong position, it kinda ruin the whole game play. And how is it possible for Zlatan to only have skill 90? 2 more ratings then giroud, OLIVIER GIROUD!?!?!?!? Zlatan is one of the best player in PL, Victor moses have been outstanding in chelsea this season and he'd got 82 in attack as A forward?!?!? What the hell happend there? if you put him in the midfield i could've lived with that but forward?!?! he's RB in chelsea, Come on....!! there's probably at least 1 problem in every team you play that even a 15 year old could point out, EASY! Are you guys some how tryin to balance it more or something? Cuz if thats the idea im not really sure you're doing it right. No hate or anything, i like the game but i'm getting closer and closer to stop play this game since everything is getting more and more unrealistic.

  • @Mrkeyb Hello mate and welcome to the World forum 🙂
    About your gaming time on OSM, it's your decision if you gonna continue to play in here or just quit. Of course it's only up to you. But if you really like this game , like you've mentioned no hate or anything, then why don't you try and help to improve it? There is a special topic you know dedicated on real life players , clubs etc. https://forum.onlinesoccermanager.com/topic/1518/real-world-player-errors-corrections/56
    Please check it out if you wish to point out any possible errors.
    Thank you in advance. :handshake_tone2: