Watching your game on the app suggestions.

  • So since I downloaded the app onto my phone I've been watching my games so I wanted to raise a few suggestions. Firstly I've noticed that players seem to try over head kicks regularly which isn't what happens in the real world. Another suggestion is I'd like to see my goalkeeper's name and the other team's goalkeeper instead of the commentators always referring to the goalkeeper as the goalkeeper; its just a bit strange hes the only player on the pitch who's name doesn't get used. Finally I wanted to suggest before the match begins the commentators mention the points and positions of the team because other than the top leagues I normally forget how good the other team is and you can't check without skipping obviously. Hopefully I will see some of these soon 🙂

  • @Julz420 Hi Juls. 🙂
    Waiting for your post in here mate :

    P.S. Even if you choose the Skip button.... You can always go back to your last match results and click the Replay button on your OSM app to watch the detailed presentation of it. 😉