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    I know that cheating is not discussed in the forum. I just need an explanation and a reason to keep playing this game.
    For the last two seasons I kept seeing cheaters in my leagues. But they were “common sense cheaters” as they stopped at some point because, probably, they just wanted a head start.
    An user in my league is selling players at exactly +150% their value. Some of them even at the same time. And I am not talking about 1 or 2 transfers.
    I reported this user 15 days ago for cheating. No result. I reported him again a week later. Still no result.
    In the meantime we played against each other. Needless to say, I lost.
    Seeing that cheating is not punished, another user appeared in my league selling players after the same recipe...exactly +150% the payer value, some of them in the same time.
    I suspected it’s the same user with 2 accounts judging by the MO. Now they made a transfer between them so it’s clear. The transfer is at the player value.
    I know you have to wait 72h for your activated report to be handled. I waited 15 days.
    I mean you just have to look once at the transfer list to see that there is a pattern and something is fishy.
    This game should be relaxing and fun, and the game itself is, but lately it only brings frustration. I will probably end up quitting the game.
    I am sorry if my post sounds a bit harsh. I know the MODs are doing this for free on their own free time but, please, put yourself in my shoes.
    How do I know if my report, filed 15 days ago, was handled and what was the result? Since the suspected cheater was not punished, shall I presume that he was found ‘not guilty’?
    Thank you!

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    I just checked and both users suspected for cheating are gone now. I believe the matter is solved. Thank you!

  • Hi, welcome.

    Great then it's time to close this one please use the support email EN.support@onlinesoccermanager.com.
    The forum moderators are for the forums only and as you know it will never be discussed at the forums.