best tactic for manchester city upgraded??

  • I have m. city with perfect squad but I can win a match. I lose against every team like Southampton, Crystal Palace and bad English teams. Which tactic and formation do you recommend me?

    Forward: Aguero 96 G.Jesus 93 Sterling 93
    Midfielders: Busquets 100 Verratti 93 de Bruyne 94 Sane 93 Ñiguez 92 Toure 93 Fernandinho 93 Silva 94 Gundogan 90
    Defenders: Alaba 95 Marquinhos 90 Stones 94 Bellerin 90 Otamendi 90 Zabaleta 83 Kolarov 86 Clichy 83
    Goalkeeper: Donnarumma 93 Bravo 87

    I should play with 4-2-3-1??

  • Maybe put Toure instead of Niguez.

  • '' I am so confused maybe a 3-5-2 format or a 4-3-3 or the other problem is you put on the best players on for to long and is time to put the players on the bench on''

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    @Piki98 Hi mate. :) I believe one central topic is good enough for any discussion about tactics .
    Please use the link that our fellow manager @Lirind shared with you earlier. Thank you .:wink:

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