• Portuguese Users

    The user salsadinho and coach of Bayern munchen (german League)
    is buying all the best players of wolfsburgo for the minimum price like Messi is being sold by 19M when his ranking is 99 already 5 players have been purchase rated 99 and being sold by the minimum price this is ridiculous it takes the fun out of this game
    How can we battle to win anything?
    (and user of wolfsburg today gave up)
    Please help the game must control this

    O utilizador salsadinho e treinador do Bayern munique (Liga Alema) está a comprar todos os melhores jogadores do Wolfsburgo a preço saldo exemplo Messi de 99 vendido a 19Milhoes pelo valor mínimo já foram transacionados 5 jogadores de 99 pelo preço mínimo
    e já o utilizador do wolfsburgo acabou de sair assim vai ser campeão fácil o jogo tem q controlar isso

  • @MisterRicardoGomes Hi mate

    You can report a Cheater through system. Click on his profile and you'll see the option Report a Cheater

  • Hi, welcome.
    Please report it through the system, the way it was described as above.