Captain Eror

  • i set my goalkeeper with 34th year as a captain, bcos hes the oldest in my line up. but the commentator keep saying that my team is lacking a leader. seriously? or this is a bug/eror ?

    alt text

    alt text

  • @wagu-yomen Hi, welcome.
    Not everyone will be a good leader, setup someone else as captain and then see what happens?

  • @Hespera i already tried to line up jefferson(34) 96 stats with chiellini(32) 98 stats, and i set chiellini as a captain others are below 25. its not worked still lacking a leader. when i line up only chiellini the oldest as a captain without jefferson its work no more coment about lacking a leader. so i think the stats matter too. thnks for the advice and sorry for bad english. 😉

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