Hey guys anyone knows what is crew ?

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    Hello El-joe and welcome to the OSM game & Forums. 🙂

    A Crew is a group of people who work together, in our case a group of OSM managers that is aparted from the Crew Moderator ( and usually creator of the Crew ), the Vice Moderator and the Crew Members and they get to have their own private Crew Forum as well to chat with each other.
    On this game called OSM each manager can choose how his/her career will be formed.
    We can either choose to play solo and try our best as independent managers or we can always join a Crew or start our own new Crew ( create a new one from scratch ) and try to share the fun and the adventures of the game with our friends or managers that can become our new OSM friends while working as a team and trying to climb in World Ranking of Crews.
    A Crew has the so called Crew Leagues ( aka CLs ) : These are Leagues shared by the members of the crew, where each manager tries his best to compete vs his own crew-mates and improve his managerial skills within the
    And then there are the Crew Battles ( aka CBs ) : That means a League is shared by 2 Crews, where usually we have 5 managers/battlers picking a team from one Crew and another 5 managers/battlers picking teams from a second Crew , and they compete with each other trying each side to win the Championship as a team . Loved those Crew Battles ! 😄

    Useful screen shots :

    alt text

    Example of the No1 Crew on OSM World Ranking as we speak :

    alt text

    alt text