Countdown timer is off by a few days

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    Hi, my next match is 6 April and this displays as 35+ hours from now in the mobile app. On the desktop version however it said I had 11h left until the match. I logged back into the app and see 35h left until the match. What is going on??? This error has cost me quite a lot as I made player purchases based on what I thought was the little time remaining until the game. It is the second time this has happened in this game (when I first joined in preparation day 0, it said 11h until next match, however that was 3 days ago and it is still 35+ hours until the first game on the server). Most confusing and clearly a bug of some sort that only manifests on the desktop version - probably quite easily fixable I'd imagine also, perhaps a corrupt lookup?

    I hope this is the right place to raise these things...

  • @afaiknotfake Hi mate

    The timer on your home page tells you when the next simulation starts.

    The timer on the notficiations page tells you the time to your next match.

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    @Lirind Hi thanks for replying! The bit on my homepage was displaying 48h yesterday which was accurate and correct, so it seems to have changed to be incorrect between my logins at some point.

  • Thanks, then this topic can be closed.