scout bugg

  • i send my scout 3 times and i did with quality 90+ and i payed 45 bosscoins for this.
    when my scout is back he come with players quality 60 or-70.
    my osm name Tony VD and its the team of liverpool.

  • Hi @Tony-VD_NL ,

    You don't pay any bosscoins for sending your scout. You'll have to pay 15 bosscoins for each player you buy from the scout.

    The fact that your scout is returning with players with a quality that not satisfy you has to do with that there are no players left with the requirements you gave to your scout.

    There aren't many young players with 90+ skills. Try to search for other age groups as well. I'm sure that you'll find some decent players.

  • English Moderator

    That's absolutely correct, thanks!


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