''Engine'' hasn't bought a player from my team for a few rounds

  • Hello everybody,

    In the first 10 days of the competition I did over 10 transfers a day. The engine bought my players and I bought players from the engine. For some reason the engine bought nothing from me since a couple of days. I sold one of my players to the enige for about 20 million. I have 4 players on the transferlist all the time and I sell them for less then 20 million at this moment. So is can't be the price-limit.

    I already made about 120 transfers in total in the first 10 days. And now I couldn't do 1 transfer in a few days...

    Please help me..

  • English Moderator

    The computer buys players from the TL at random so players may sell quicker while sometimes they stay longer on the TL and often times cheaper players sell more quicker than expensive players so you can try lowering the asking price of your players or remove them from the TL and re-add them again to see if it helps you sell quicker.