Ronaldo's arrival for the goal 100 European !!

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    Although Cristiano Ronaldo, the star of Real Madrid, has not made a season this year, and despite the sharp criticism of the three-stage attack, which includes Karim Benzema and Gareth Bell, but the Portuguese continued to shine at crucial times.

    The match against Real Madrid and Bayern Munich turned upside down, with the result pointing to the Bavarian lead with a clean goal, until Ronaldo appeared to score for his team and lead him to victory in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

    Ronaldo did not forget to continue to achieve personal records, where he raised his goal in the European Championships to 100 goals, after two seconds in the Bavarian net, becoming the first player to reach the goal 100 in Europe, including 97 goals scored in the Champions League in 143 games, and 2 in the European Cup and European Super goal.

    The English Daily Mail published a report showing where and how Ronaldo scored his 100 goals.

    Ronaldo scored 49 goals inside his home, 47 outside, and 4 in neutral territory.

    He scored 16 goals in the left foot, 69 in the right, and 15 in the head.

    Scoring 83 goals from inside the penalty area, including 11 penalty, and scored 17 goals from outside the area, including 12 free kick.

    Ronaldo scored 84 goals with Real Madrid, and 16 goals with his former Manchester United.

    Timing Objectives:

    From 0 - 15 minutes: scored 13 goals

    From 16 - 30 minutes: scored 22 goals

    From 31 - 45 minutes: scored 12 goals

    From 46 - 60 minutes: scored 17 goals

    From 61 - 75 minutes: scored 16 goals

    From 76 - 90 minutes: scored 19 goals

    No goals were scored after 90 minutes

    The countries where Ronaldo scored are 15 countries:

    (4), Italy (4), Switzerland (3), Spain (4), France (4), Italy (4), Netherlands (5) (1), Denmark (1), Netherlands (2), Sweden (2), Russia (2)


  • Here you can watch all of hiss 100 goals :D What is your favourite? Mine is surelly 35 meters strike versus Porto :D

  • :hugging: I want to see all the goals of Ronaldo Europe .. Thank you :D


    Thanks for passing by:kissing_heart:

  • @Majstor-Matt Thanks Doctor :v_tone1:

  • @Majstor-Matt
    Goal number 14, against FC Porto, it's my favorite too. But i like also the header against Man United (number 46). What a jump!

  • @Pizzi_77 Ronaldo Airlines

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    @SiiR-YousseviČ Hello my friend and welcome to the World forum. :)
    I respect your great love for Ronaldo but please try to control your excitement and leave some space for other forumers too.
    Thank you in advance. :handshake_tone2:

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    @Pizzi_77 said in Ronaldo's arrival for the goal 100 European !!:

    Goal number 14, against FC Porto, it's my favorite too. But i like also the header against Man United (number 46). What a jump!

    Thanks for the tip Gonçalo ! Cause I'm a big fan of headed goals myself . :thumbsup_tone2:
    Better look for that No 46 now ! :)

    @Majstor-Matt Doc ? What can I say about you ? You're the man ! :) Great post in there buddy ! :thumbsup_tone2:

  • @Pizzi_77 The goal number 14 is a great goal, but I didn't like it and you know why ahahaha xD

  • @Majstor-Matt
    alt text
    ahahah :D

    Who scored the best head goal for you?
    Don't tell me about Charisteas, please ahah :D

    I know that ahah :laughing:

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    @Pizzi_77 Ahahahahahaha! Sorry love but that was ... Very spot on !!! Angelos ( = Angel, in Greek ) Charisteas was a God for us :heart_exclamation: You can see it on my OSM profile written too . :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    UEFA 2004 For Ever ! :heartpulse:

    Really :cry:
    Ahah I think all portuguese can forgive you after the Euro of the last year :joy: :joy:
    I think many greeks stayed happy with Éder's goal. :P

    Do you like Mitroglou and Samaris? :innocent:

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    Oh c'mon now buddy. Don't cry just like Ronaldo did . It breaks my heart to see a man crying. :broken_heart:
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