• This thing which is TOTALLY PISSING ME OFF hasn't been changed for AGES since I started playing this. WHY WHY WHY WHY on earth when you receive a red card,it must happen in first 15-20 minutes so you lose a game 100%.E v e r y single time when I receive a red card it is inside of first 20 minutes and I lose every game because of it,but at least if the referee is giving me a red card let it be somewhere in 2nd half BUT NO it is OSM simulation.Simulation is doing it on purpose.Terrible,funny thing is I was playing Aggresive and match was held by a 'Normal' Referee.

  • @JEBENONADRKAN Tomi I can see that you are really upset and I'm very sorry for that mate. 😞
    I have to lock this topic now and hope you will calm down, but if you need to post or say anything else about Refs and cards please use this topic https://forum.onlinesoccermanager.com/topic/5738/referees-and-their-effects-opinion/49