Buying players

  • Why have the number of coins (badges) gone up for buying players to such a high level. It's almost impossible to improve the team, as the number of coins is so high, so even though you may have the money as one doesn't have the coins (badges) to buy the player, it's practically impossible to buy anyone.. Can't see how this helps one improve your team? Any comments on this?

  • yeah its annoying especially when other managers have millions of Boss coins and they buy every single good player in their scout unfairly as opposed to some of us who only buy them with our club funds which should be the only way to do it other wise its completely unrealistic.
    Another thing i find annoying is that my players on some teams never sell and on other teams they do the whole time and because some dont sell i end up falling behind in teh league because i have no money as opposed to everyone elses teams who sell players the whole time. Also when one of my teams sells lots of players i cant buy any more good ones because the transfer list unexplainedly doesnt seem to keep up with the quality of the players that i need!!!